Shattering the EDM stereotype

There will always be the fair share of people who are “haters” of the EDM scene and all of the stereotypes that are tied to it. You have the repetitive beats, the crazy mainstream music, the overly intense diehard rave fans, and to top it off, the only dance move anyone ever did to it was the annoying “fist pump.”

For as long as I could remember, electronic dance music (EDM) had always been something that I wasn’t really a huge fan of. As a matter of fact, I actually really hated it. At the time, I could have honestly said that the only type of people who enjoyed EDM were people who probably didn’t know what good music was. Of course I knew that I wasn’t the only one who felt this way, but hey, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion right?

In spite of this all, it’s crazy how one really great experience can completely change your perspective.

My sister and I have always been really close and whenever one of us gains a new interest, it’s inevitable for the other to gain interest in it as well. One day, my sister told me about new found interest in EDM. Knowing my thoughts about it, you can probably guess that I was far from happy. Soon half of our iTunes library was full of EDM and whenever I’d ask her to play music, that’s all that she would play. I honestly couldn’t see myself getting into it like she did.

I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt. In the summer of 2014, I agreed to let her take me to my first EDM rave event at the Guvernment (Guv) downtown. Although the club has now closed down, Guv 2.0 is now in the process of being built at the Sound Academy. Guv had always been known as the EDM club. I had no idea what to expect, but all I knew was that it could either go really great or really horribly.


While in the lineup, I was surrounded by these diehard rave fans who were already fist pumping before even getting into the club! All I could think to myself was, “What did I get myself into?” I didn’t want to let my sister down, but I really couldn’t see myself enjoying the night.

Once we finally got in, it wasn’t what I expected it to be. It actually looked like a lot of fun. There was just so much going on that I was intrigued. There were lightshows; the music was bumping, people dancing, and people genuinely having a good time.

I guess I didn’t really give the music a chance before since I knew what my views were towards it. It was crazy how many people were there to simply just enjoy the music. Just looking around, you could see people with their arms around their best friend, their sister, or their significant other, just swaying back and forth singing in unison to whatever song was playing. It felt like everyone in that moment was connected. It was a pretty amazing feeling. I actually felt sad that I didn’t know the lyrics to join in.

The different styles of music surprised me. I always thought that EDM was this annoying, repetitive sound that everyone always stereotyped it to be, but I had no idea that it had so many sub-genres within it. You have techno, deep house, trap, trance, and so much more. Guv had different rooms, each playing a specific sub-genre so that you didn’t have to be trapped listening to just one type.

The music had some type of spell over me, like I couldn’t sit down even if I wanted to. I couldn’t help but want to dance! The only thing was that I didn’t know how to dance to it. I didn’t want to be the person to fist pump after knowing how much I despised those who did. After looking around, I noticed people jamming to this style of dance that I’ve never seen before. I could definitely tell it was its own genre of dance although everyone dancing it had their own style to it. I later found out that the dance was referred to as “shuffling” or “cutting shapes.” I was amazed that people danced to EDM, like actually danced. All these people looked like they were having so much fun, I was determined to learn how to do it right away. Even the people who didn’t know how to shuffle didn’t care. No one cared if they looked stupid or didn’t know how to dance. Everyone could tell that everyone was having a great time, and no one judged anyone for it.

These diehard rave fans that used to annoy me so much were actually a few of the nicest people that I’ve ever met. Compared to any club that I’ve ever been to, everyone’s so welcoming and open to meeting new friends. I don’t think I saw one fight happen that entire night. These are people who all have this same interest of EDM and are coming together to enjoy it. I could honestly say that it was one of the most fun nights of my life.

Fast forward to today, I love going to EDM rave events, I love the music, I love cutting shapes, I love the people, and I could honestly say that I love EDM.

It goes to show no one matter how strong your attitude may be towards something, there’s always a chance that one really great experience can ultimately change that for the better.

Have you ever had something you disliked but ended up surprisingly enjoying it after giving it a chance?


Niki Padua is a public relations advanced diploma student at Humber College. She will take any opportunity to dance when she can, will cook whatever is left in the kitchen, and is constantly craving for the beach and some sun.


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