Gym Myths vs. Facts – EXPOSED!

If you consider yourself an expert on all things fitness, then I have some disappointing news: all of those lose-weight-quick tips are LIES. 

Some myths have a sprinkle of truth, but could use some clarification. But how do we know what’s true and what isn’t? Here; I’ll show you.


MYTH 1: More sweat = more results

Many people wear long-sleeved shirts or warmer clothing to the gym to help them sweat more, thinking it will help them burn calories faster. Unfortunately, this is a MYTH. Your body sweats to cool itself down when it begins to heat up. If you wear more clothes to the gym to try and sweat more, you’re actually just wearing yourself out quicker.

FACT: Staying hydrated is the best way to stay energized and cool for your workout.


MYTH 2: Running on the treadmill is better for your joints than running outside

This is a common dispute between indoor and outdoor runners. Some argue that running on pavement puts more pressure on your joints and your knees will suffer in the future. Others make the same argument about treadmills. But which is true?

FACT: They both are. Since your knees get sore from holding the weight of your body, it’s best to do full-body workouts. By varying your routine and exercising your legs in other ways (such as using an elliptical or stationary bike) you’re taking the pressure off of your knees and distributing it evenly throughout your body.

Want to know more on the indoor vs. outdoor running controversy?


MYTH 3: Stretching after a workout helps you recover better

There actually isn’t any sufficient evidence that this is true at all. Stretching after a workout is good to help the body relax, but has not been proven to help you recover better.

FACT: Stretching before a workout helps to warm up your muscles and prevent them from tearing. The best way to recover from a workout is to stay hydrated before, during, and after.

Click here for the do’s and don’ts  of stretching.


MYTH 4: Swimming helps you loose weight

Although swimming is a good workout for your lungs and a handful of other muscles, it won’t help you lose many inches off your waist. Since the water is supporting your body and evenly distributing your weight, your muscles don’t need to work as hard.

FACT: Swimming is known to make people hungry, which may make a difference to people who are dieting or have eating plans.


MYTH 5: No pain no gain 

Feeling sore a day or two after a workout is totally normal, and is even a gomona-lisa-with-muscles-flexing-guns.jpgod thing. Feeling pain during a workout is a different story. If your body gets sore while participating in any physical activities, it means you’re doing something wrong or you already have some sort of injury.

FACT: Overworking your body while exercising is, unfortunately, a common occurrence. The best way to keep your body safe while doing any physical activities is to do what feels best at the time. NEVER try and match or duplicate the workout you did the previous day. The more you vary your routines, the better your results will be.


Do you have a workout myth you want debunked? Post your questions in the comments.


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About the Author: Hannah Cordi is a fitness enthusiast who spends her free time hitting the gym and looking for the best pump-up anthems. As a typical gym junkie, she is constantly pushing the limits and progressing to achieve her goals. You can catch Hannah at the Humber gym or drinking coffee and writing blog posts.


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