Social Anxiety Killed The Teenager’s Social Life

My name is Khyla Golea, I am a student attending Humber ColleGE School of Media Studies and Information Technology. Do you know what sucks the most about social anxiety? For people who suffer from social anxiety, they could probably pull out a scroll of reasons why having social anxiety is horrible. It’s gotten to the point where sometimes, it feels like me getting ready for a speech and me preparing to jump out of a plane, give me the same unsettling feeling.  However that’s putting it to an extreme, sometimes its even riding the TTC gives not only me but other people that feeling. Social anxiety is hard to deal with.

Let me just tell you about the problems that come with social anxiety.  When you think of social anxiety, what do you think of? Probably people just being awkward right? Think of social anxiety as being an irrational fear of social situations. What sucks even more is the fact that social anxiety even has a scale to it, for example standing up in court is probably the most horrifying thing, or even everyday task like spending time with friends, can set off someones off.

We meet new people everyday, I mean going into public relations, I’ll probably meeting so many people, because that’s what PR professionals must do. But for someone who suffers from social anxiety, this is a problem.  Let me just say this now before people begin to assume, 

Golea 2

social anxiety is more than just shyness or occasional nerves.  To be completely honest if someone does not suffer from this type of anxiety are they really going to be able to fully relate? What do you think  are the worse things about social anxiety?

Things About Social Anxiety That Suck:

Friends? New Friends? Believe me when I say, that making friends is a real struggle. People always say that, “Good friends are hard to find” but trust me with social anxiety they are REALLY hard to find.  Especially if people, try to stay away from social events.  Then when you finally have a good friend, you cling to them and that’s can also cause a mess.

Shopping is a lot different to people who have social anxiety compared to not shopping with anxiety.  Social anxiety does a really good job at making people feel incompetent.  Honestly when my social anxiety was really bad, I really did not remember how to function sometimes. Like trying to accomplish everyday task, was hard.  Buying groceries, I would make sure no one was in the aisle, and if someone was, I would wait till they leave or if I couldn’t find the product, I would leave without it because there was no way I was talking to someone.  If I finally got all my products, I would count my money multiple times, just to make sure I had the right amount money.

Golea 3

Getting Invited Anywhere By Anyone!Have you ever felt like the second best? Or felt like someone didn’t “REALLY” invite you, but because they invited all your friends (with the few you have) and they are all going. You’ve been invited because it’s too much of a hassle to personally invite everyone and that it was probably just easier for the host to press “send to all”

instead of type your name. You jump to these conclusions a lot, and because of that conclusion I say no, and I just stay home. ALL. THE. TIME.

But honestly the worse thing about social anxiety is when, since you never go to any social events or go out, people stop inviting you. It makes me feel that would rather just not waste their time with me or that all I’ll do is ruin their event with my shyness. It makes you feel even more isolate that you already do. The constant turning down of invitations makes people you were once close with think that you simply don’t want to be with them at all, which is really the opposite of what you wan to happen. With someone who use to suffer from social anxiety I can guarantee, this is the truth. My friends probably felt that I didn’t want to hang out, honestly I usually do but just couldn’t for no apparent reason.

I mean I could be wrong, but those things that my social anxiety use to control. Those four things are what you to ruin my social life. Enough about me now, tell me what your worse things about social anxiety are?


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