Things You Are Doing At The Gym That You Probably Shouldn’t Be

Going to gym can be a horrifying experience.


Not only can being in a room full of fit men and women be extremely intimidating but it can also be the most annoying experience you will ever endure on the planet. Men and women everywhere are avid gym-goers yet, day in and day out they continue to act upon, what I like to call ‘’The Gym-No-Goers Code of Conduct.”

 Follow these tricks of the trade and turn your no-go attitude into a go-go attitude!

Clothing is permitted



 When you’re going to the gym, plan your outfit accordingly. I’m not talking about top of the line brands or colourful clothing that compliment the latest trends I actually mean dress accordingly. Wearing clothes specifically designed for exercise that allows our bodies to move freely is highly recommended. This does not suggest showing up half nude. Reality check males and females, no one wants to see the man hairs you’ve grown on your chest and peaking nipples aren’t cute. Shorts should end, at minimum, on the uppermost part of the thigh, not half way down the bum cheeks! Mystery is attractive so think twice before giving someone a free show!

No texting while operating heavy machinery


Texting has become one of the biggest trends for communication. With that being said, scoot over for others when you need to reply to a text message. It’s no big deal if you need to squeeze in a quick text between exercises however; this is not your office. (I often confuse the two when there is hard work to be done!) Be aware of your surroundings while working out because you never know when someone else is politely waiting to use the piece of equipment you are occupying. Don’t let this happen to you!

“Are you a personal trainer?”


The oldest pick-up line in the book and it’s not very charming. The majority of people attend the gym for the sole purpose of getting exercise and chances are if you’re using a crummy pick-up line like this, well, you have no chance! When you’re at the gym, remember why you’re there. Flirting is fun but in fact, a lot of people become very self-conscience once in the gym setting and would rather not be noticed. It can be intimidating and no one feels confident when they’re full of sweat and possibly even a bit stinky!

Animals belong in the zoo



Keeping in mind that you are in a gym setting is one of the most important pieces of advice I can give. Weird animal noises, loud breathing and grunting are not needed while working out. A fitness facility is very different from a zoo; in fact, the only similarity they share would be that people could attend the zoo as they would the gym. So, upon your next visit to the gym leave your inner animal where it belongs!

Please keep selfies off mirror


Uhh, is that a workout or did this just get awkward? We have all seen it being done before and some are even guilty of the undeniable mirror flexing selfie. Fact: the mirrors in the gym are not for aesthetics purposes. Mirrors help one manoeuvre safe weightlifting. Selfies are cool but there’s nothing more awkward then watching someone flaunt their junk. Save selfies for the home and more importantly, behind closed doors; in a gym environment it’s essential to remember that safety comes first!

What’s your biggest gym pet peeve? Share your stories with us!


Elise Zerafa is currently a full-time student at Humber College in the public relations program.

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