The Buddy System: Why You Should Have a Workout Partner


Trying to find the latest thing to spice up your workout can be difficult. Let’s face it; the same routine gets old quick.

But having someone to hit the gym with can keep you motivated and advance workouts more than you thought. Here’s just a few reasons why:

Music styles can sometimes be a touchy subject. But since you and your workout buddy are best friends, that won’t be an issue. Find new songs to add to your workout playlist and share them with your friend. Believe it or not, this tip makes a difference.

FUN FACT: The more songs you have on your playlist, the longer you are likely to workout. Frequently updating your songs will also stop you from getting bored or tired of routines.

Loss of motivation is the biggest thing that keeps people from working out. Having a workout partner to give you a push now and then will help you get off your glutes and on to your feet. Just when you’ve decided to skip your tuesday Zumba class, your workout buddy will give you the pep talk you need (or make you feel guilty). After all, that’s what friends are for.

dogs on treadmill

While at the gym, your designated workout pal  can also motivate and challenge you (let’s not pretend we don’t secretly compete against our friends every once in a while). Not only will it push you to lift more or run faster, but also to set goals and motivate you to workout more frequently. Just keep the competition low-key and trash-talk to a minimum.

A good partner will also help better your routines and techniques. Ask them if you’re planking flat enough or if they can spot you when you lift weights. By helping each other with techniques, your workouts are prefermed safer and can advance further with better form. Even if you aren’t the most expereienced fitness-duo, any help is good help.


There are also some interesting buddy-system workouts to challenge yourself and the compatibility of your workout friendship.

Do you think you and your workout buddy are the ultimate pair? Post a pic of you and your fitness pal with #WorkoutBuddySystem and comment and share your thoughts.


12656444_978200808905304_1232317860_o (1) About the Author: Hannah Cordi is a fitness enthusiast who spends her free time hitting the gym and looking for the best pump-up anthems. As a typical gym junkie, she is constantly pushing the limits and progressing to achieve her goals. You can catch Hannah at the Humber gym or drinking coffee and writing blog posts.


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