How to become the best shuffler at your next rave event

When my sister brought me to my first dance music (EDM) rave event, I was introduced to a new genre of dance that really intrigued me which was called “shuffling.” I was amazed to see that people were actually dancing rather than doing those generic moves that people typically do at club events such as stepping side-to-side or grinding on one another. People were doing actual dance moves to this style of dance that I’ve never seen before. I couldn’t help but want to join in.

The “Melbourne Shuffle,” more popularly known as “shuffling,” is a style of dance that typically moves to techno, trance and house style music. The movements consist of quick heel-to-toe action moves, and the basic running man, with variations of arm movements and spins. The style may seem a bit difficult to master at first, but over time you will find that the basic movements will become natural and you’ll notice that you won’t want to stop dancing.

Although this dance style has developed quite a bit over the years, learning and mastering these basic movements will allow you to add your own variation and eventually develop your own style to it. To help you achieve being an expert shuffler, I will be teaching you the two main steps: the “T-step,” and “The Running Man.”

The T-Step


1. Start with your feet placed in a “T” shape with your feet facing outwards.

2. Lift the foot that is placed in front as high as your mid-calf while lifting your knee upward.


As you are lifting your right foot, you will drag your left foot inward so that it’s now    pointed straight forward. Make sure that you do this at the same time as lifting your foot.

3. The next step is to place your lifted foot back on the ground while shuffling over your left foot so that it is once again pointing outward from your body. At this point you should be back to your original “T” shape that you started in. Make sure not to plant all your weight on your front foot when placing it down since you will be picking it back up again shortly.


4. Continue this movement about five more times while ensuring that your movements are carrying you across the floor in the right direction rather than staying in one spot.


5. After doing this, apply the same moves on the opposite legs while now carrying your movements in the left direction.


6. Practice doing this move five times in each direction eventually applying a smoother transition whenever switching sides.

To see how the move looks at a faster place, click here.

The Running Man


  1. Start with your left foot about one foot in front of your right one. Make sure that your left foot is planted with all your weight down, while your right foot only has a little bit of weight on the toes.


  1. Lift your right foot off the ground (the back foot) with your knee upwards, while your left foot (the front foot) slides in so that your leg is straight and directly under your body. Make sure to do this at the same time.


  1. Place your right foot (the foot that’s up) back on the ground slightly in front of you, while your left foot (the foot on the ground) slides back about the distance of its own length. Make sure to do this at the same time. You should now be back at position you were when you first started, except with opposite legs. Make sure to always keep your weight only slightly on the toes for whichever foot is at the back. This will make it easier for you to lift the foot when doing the movement at a faster pace.



4. Continue to do the same movement on the opposite leg/foot.


5. Once you’ve gotten down how to do this move at a slow pace, challenge yourself and try doing it at a faster speed.

To see how the move looks at a faster pace, click here.


Congratulations, you’ve now learned the basics on how to shuffle and are on the road to being a master shuffler! Don’t be discouraged if you can’t nail these moves right away. The more you do it, the more you will be comfortable with it and eventually you’ll be rocking to these moves without even thinking about it. After all, practice makes perfect.

What type of things have you ever come across that intrigued you to learn yourself?






Niki Padua is a public relations advanced diploma student at Humber College. She will take any opportunity to dance when she can, will cook whatever is left in the kitchen, and is constantly craving for the beach and some sun.










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