By: Donte Spence | PR Student | Humber College

This week on the internet: “Daaaamn, Daniel!”

Earlier last month, 15-year-old Josh posted a video on Twitter of his friend’s various outfits, while repeating “Damn, Daniel” and adding “back at it again with the white vans.”

The video is hilarious and there is nothing to it; it’s one teen joking around with his friend. My issue with this meme is the positive attention it gets, but at the expense of putting down memes created by black people.

The duo behind the “Damn, Daniel” video was invited to The Ellen Show and also received a lifetime supply of white Vans but the guy behind the famous “What Are Those” vine only got media attention when he was sent to jail.

This issue is very clear in the Vine community. White Viners garner positive media coverage, attend award shows, become guests on popular talk shows – what the hell, some of them even get tours and movie deals. Whereas black Viners produce quality Vines that make you think “HOW COULD THIS BE SIX SECONDS?!”. But they don’t get the same sort of coverage as their white counterparts. Popular Viners such as Victor Pope Jr. and MeechonMars are extremely popular and always tailor their videos to talk to about important social issues, but haven’t been praised for their talents in the same way as other online personalities.

I’m going to bring up Nash Grier. To be quite frank he’s extremely racist, sexist and homophobic, but he has been featured in magazines and even had cameos in movies and TV shows. And for what exactly? Because he’s a “teenage heartthrob.”


This scene from Scandal rings true, as Olivia Pope’s father tells her she has to be twice as good as her white counterparts to earn what they have.

Why hasn’t Ellen invited these popular Viners? Why is it only white content creators who are taken seriously and get jobs?

So here’s a list a black viners you should definitely give your attention to:

  1. Victor Pope Jr.




Dallas based Viner and standup comedian, Victor Pope Jr. creates hilarious Vines about the truth. For all of us students, this particular Vine will probably resonate with you.



  1. MeechOnMars



Residing in Detroit, Michigan, this 17-year-old Viner has created the most random Vines, but never fails to crack me up every time. Like this one, we all know that one person in class.





Jay Versace, from New Jersey, is known for placing random objects on his head and creating hilarious characters. One of his more popular vines is “It’s always the hardest thing ever to break the news that you peed on yourself.”



4. Summerella



This beautiful girl from Atlanta, Georgia, famous for her “Can you do the split on the d*ck” Vine featuring her gorgeous mom. She has used her platform to release her own music (Check out “11 Something”)




5. KhadiDon

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset


From Grand Rapids, Michigan, Khadi is known for her hilarious impressions. Her most famous impression is of Mary J. Blige.



  1. DopeIsland



DopeIsland is from Michigan, and frequently collaborates with MeechOnMars on their Youtube channels. My favourite Vine of his is “when you get your teacher to rap.”




I hope y’all check these awesome and talented artists out because they will always be “back at it again” with funny videos and memes to keep you going.


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