Have you ever had that one thing you could turn to when you were stressed, bored, or even scared? Ever since I was younger, dance was the one thing I could always turn to no matter the circumstance, and it still continues to shape who I am today.

There are so many reasons as to why you should dance, and I’m here to tell you why you should, even if you think you can’t.


For some of us, people assume that we’re shy because of the fact that we’re quiet. Really all that’s going through your mind is, “If only they knew how loud I was with my friends.” We all have it within us, but for some of us it just takes a little more to let that side out.  When I compare how I am now to how shy I was before, I’ve come a long way, and a lot of it has to do with dance. Of course you’re going to be nervous to try it at first, but just like in everyday life, the more you do it, the more comfortable you get. Because of dance, I started to apply this outlook to my everyday life, helping me to become more courageous as a person.

All it takes is trying something out of our comfort zone in order to overcome any type of fear. It’s scary to think of dancing with so many people watching you, but once you try it, you’ll see it’s not that bad. You gain a greater sense of self-awareness. When you’re dancing, you’re free from what others are thinking and you’re also free from any type of self-criticism. You become so into the rhythm and the beat of the music that no one could affect you once you’re in that state. Over time you’ll start noticing that you’re becoming more confident about your body, and you’ll start feeling more self-assured than you’ve ever felt before. The focus then turns away from those around you, and you start to focus more on yourself.


Dancing is one of the few exercises that target multiple muscle groups at the same time. You have your legs working, your arms, your core, and on top of that you’re burning off that Big Mac that you felt so guilty about. I’ll be out dancing all night dancing and the next day I am so sore that I can barely walk. You know when people tweet #legday after they come back from the gym? I do the same thing, but the only difference is that I’m coming back from dancing.

Dance can also be a way to rid your mind of any negativity. When you dance, your brain releases endorphins which bring feelings of pleasure. Basically, this means that it’s impossible to be anything but happy once you’re at it. You already feel that sense of happiness immediately after you dance. Imagine what that negativity can turn into if you made dancing a regular thing.  Anything stressful holding you back, you leave it behind on the dance floor and once you come back, you have a fresh new mindset. They say dance is a form of expression, so express yourself. Don’t keep it bottled inside.


Of course you’ll always bump into those few people who say, “I hate dancing”, but the truth is they probably haven’t even given it a fair chance. Whenever my sister and I are doing homework, we’ll be playing music in the background and as soon as the beat drops, we’ll drop all our books, get up, start dancing for 2 minutes straight, and continue studying so out of breath. It’s such a great way to keep yourself sane while doing homework.

Now, people say that smoking or drinking is a social thing; dance is a social thing too. Every month, my cousins, my sisters and I always try to look for at least one event that we could go to together and just have fun dancing. It definitely brings us closer as a family. And how great is it doing something so fun with the people you enjoy being around.

In the process you even meet so many new people. And no, these people weren’t creeps who were just trying to get my number, although you may encounter the odd few, but these are people who just love your energy and are having fun just because you are.


The fact that dance increases self-confidence, is good for your health, and is fun, are just a few of the many reasons on why dancing is such an amazing thing to do. It’s also good to note the many reasons why you should dance, which can be seen here.Dancing is something you can never go wrong with. Take a risk; try it! Go out sometime this month; take a break from your hectic lives and just dance. What’s the worst that could come from it? Want to know more? Click here.

Niki Padua is a public relations advanced diploma student at Humber College. She will take any opportunity to dance when she can, will cook whatever is left in the kitchen, and is constantly craving for the beach and some sun.

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