Is Russell Westbrook The Most Athletic Point Guard?

Why Is Russell Westbrook The Most Athletic Point Guard We’ve Ever Witnessed?

By: Tony Tran  March 4, 2016
Westbrook absorbing the energy from the crowd


In the past we’ve seen PG’s (Point Guards) such as Magic Johnson, Isiah Thomas, Steve Nash, Gary Payton, and many more. They all had their own style to the game, which gave flavour to what shapes the NBA today. They all had the ability to slow down time to make unbelievable passes to their teammates.

Today’s game we have PG’s like Steph Curry, Derrick Rose, Chris Paul, Kyrie Irving, Kyle Lowry, and nonetheless Russell Westbrook. These PG’s can do the most spectacular crossovers to break ankles, drain threes from half court without any effort, lead the team with their extensive hustle, and explode to the rim with emphasis.

Westbrook with David Stern on Draft Night

Born in Long Beach, California, Westbrook played basketball his whole life growing up. He got the chance to play in the NBA when he became elgible. The fourth overall pick in the 2008 draft, coming out of UCLA, the Seattle SuperSonics (which later became Oklahoma City Thunder) selects Russell Westbrook.

Westbrook and Durant during the All Star Game

There’s nobody who shows up with so much emotion and energy on and off the court more than Westbrook does. From his entrance to the arena, pregame rituals, in-game trash talk, and post-game interviews to make it more entertaining. Westbrook does not shy away from the spotlight. When he get’s the ball in his hand, he will do anything just to get his team the win.

There is no ounce of fear anytime he steps onto the court. He’s been injured, and each time he’s come back from an injury its like he never left. There’s no decline in his game like people thought when Westbrook went down with a serious knee injury. Instead of being on a decline, he’s been improving each season and breaking records.

Picture 6.png
Westbrook taking it to the basket

He was voted as the most athletic player in the NBA last season with 34.5 per cent. Right behind him is Lebron James, who came in second with 20.7 per cent. His aggressive plays define who he is and what his game brings on the court and to his team. He doesn’t take things too kindly when he doesn’t get any calls. This is why he play’s the game aggressively.

Westbrook is no stranger at the rim. If you want to talk about great finishes, he would be at the top of the list five times out of five. He can get to the paint with reckless intentions. He can also get flashy with the passes to his teammates. The way he moves the ball, makes him look like wizard because of his magic touch. He can get up and down the court faster than most of the athletes in the league. Let’s take a look at some of the incredible highlight finishes he has in this (video here).

Westbrook dunking past the Nuggets

If you had to choose a player to build a team around, who would you pick? My answer would be Russell Westbrook. He is quick, intelligent with and without the ball, has great defense, and he is ridiculously strong for someone who is a PG. One thing that takes away from his game is that he is not one of the best as he struggles to be a great 3PT shooter. When he does get his shots in and becomes hot with his shooting, its not easy to cool him off once he gets going. He is currently shooting 30 per cent overall in his 3PT shooting. Here is a video of his celebrations after making his 3’s.

Westbrook is a 5 time NBA All-star, 1 time NBA All-star MVP, 4 time All-NBA second team, and 1 time NBA Scoring Champion. There is no denying that he has established and branded himself as the most athletic point guards in the league today. He can do it all. Who are the some of the other players you think can do what Westbrook can?

Westbrook raising the All Star MVP award



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