How To Shape Your Face: Contouring For Beginners

Makeup can be an overwhelming thing. With so many new trends constantly popping up, it’s hard to decide where to start. Many people use makeup as a form of art to express themselves, while others use it to cover their imperfections. Whatever boat you’re in, don’t be afraid to try different things out. After all, your face is like a canvas! Makeup is used to enhance our beautiful features, and contouring is one way to carve out heighten those cheekbones of yours!

Contouring can definitely be intimidating, especially after seeing Kim Kardashian and her perfectly sculpted face. I sometimes ask myself, how much it would cost to hire her makeup artist. If you’ve never tried contouring before, it’s actually a lot easier than you might think. You don’t have to go to the extreme and paint your entire face different shades—you can make it as simple as you’d like. Here is a little guide to perfect that contour.

First, let’s make bronzer your best friend. Buying the right products to contour and highlight your face is important before you start. You don’t need to buy 10 different shades of foundation, all you really need is a great bronzer. A good rule of thumb to remember when buying the right shade is to choose a colour that is two shades darker than your normal skin colour. To highlight, find a shade of concealer two shades lighter than your skin tone. If you’re unsure of what to get you can even invest in a handy contour kit. 

contour face

Once you’ve got everything, go ahead and start drawing! Make a line with the bronzer underneath your cheekbone from your sideburn. It helps to make a fish face, so you can see the natural line of your cheekbone. If you want to narrow the look of your nose, add a line to either side. Add a little to the corners of your forehead and blend, blend, blend.

Using that lighter colour, highlight the area below your eyes, the bridge of your nose, the chin, and the middle of your forehead. Again, blend away!

Of course there are some things to avoid when contouring. Make sure you aren’t using circular motions when applying the bronzer. This will leave dark circles on your cheeks. Gently sweep your brush in back and forth motions. You also don’t want to get too close to your nose, as it might appear like you have a moustache. Stay away from your eyes, so that they don’t appear smaller than they really are!

Luckily, if you’re on a budget, you don’t need to splurge on expensive brands at Sephora or MAC. There are many different youtube tutorials you can find on the internet with artists using drugstore brands that do the same job! My favourite low-budget contour tutorial is by my favourite makeup guru, Carli Bybel. A link to the video is right below. Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 5.30.53 PM

How To: Contour & Highlight | Drugstore Update

Below are some of my favourite products that I like to contour with: 

chocolate soleil                                                  contour kit

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil                                 Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palette

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