Ways to Broaden Your Music Horizons

As a music enthusiast, having a plethora of music to listen to daily will never get old. I was born in the early ‘90s and I grew up around great era of music. As far back as I can remember, my father had over 700+ records and I mean records he collected dated back to his early teens and when he met my mother while studying in Paris. Every morning in our home, I wocoltuld wake up to the sweet sounds of Johnny Coltrane, my father’s all-time favourite musician. I would get excited when he allows me to put the turntable needle on the far end of the record and immediately start swaying to Johnny Coltrane’s classic debut LP titled “Coltrane.” My father introduced me to the world of music and the different genres. Jazz, Blues, Doo-Wop, Motown, Soul, Funk, Hip-Hop, Rap and so much more. I fell in love with those genres and then my interests broadened as my love for music grew.


I got introduced to more music when I first watched “Do The Right Thing” a Spike Lee classic. A character named Radio Raheem in the film was seen carrying a boom box blasting Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power.” Fight the Power is a very influential song that deals with the struggle for African Americans I won’t go into details about the film but that song made me more curious about what other powerful sounds there is acoltranewaiting me. I began doing my research and here I am, just like my father with an insane record collection that doesn’t just deal with one or two genres.

I procure new music daily and the questions I get asked the most is how I do it. I never settle with just one genre because that is insanely boring to me. My recipe? I’ll consume anything from Rap to Jazz. Soul to Hip Hop, so on and so forth. I recently started listening to Enya, an Irish musician who sings in Gaelic. I don’t speak nor do I understand Gaelic but I don’t just skip it just because I don’t understand what she is saying but what I do is I continue to listen more than once because it piqued my interest. If I know nothing about it? I will do research on it. Ishbel MacAskill has been added to my Irish playlist and has become a favourite because I found Enya. I liked Enya and I found Ishbel MacAskill and many more in the Gaelic genre and I loved it.

You just don’t dismiss music you think you might not like. I knew absolutely nothing about the Gaelic language but I further wet my interest and developed an appetite for more.  The people I have came across and have exchanged raw truths about music have been interesting to say the least. They don’t quite grasp the concept of music and I know that might not make any sense but over the years, I have noticed people only listen to an album once and then have this entire opinion piece on why the don’t like an album. My advice? Listen to an album more than once before forming an opinion about it because this is how I learned to appreciate music. Another thing is, people often

follow trends. Once an entire group of people voice their opinion about an album, other group suddenly jump on the bandwagon without even listening to the album. Don’t be a part of that group because I can guarantee you the first group of people don’t have a clue about music and usually listen to a song or an album once and then decide they absolutely hate it.

Be more open-minded and tolerant to every genre. Some music are right up there with hard drugs, in terms of life changing intensity. When stressed out what do you do? I personally just play my Erykah Badu record and let her ease my soul.

Erykah Badu is one of the musician I believe everyone should listen to. Here is a link of one of her album tilted “Live.” It is a live concert album. Erykah Badu Live



I have listed ten of my current favorites:

Adelaide Vol. 1.

  A Tribe Called Quest – Find A Way

  Jesse Boykins III Feat. Theophilus London & Keys – Connected

  Curren$y Feat. Whodinsky & Jean Lephare – Galaxy

 Donnis – Vampire Interlude

 Aretha Franklin – People Get Ready

  Nujabes – Another Reflection

  Enya – Ebudae

  Sammy Davis Jr. – I have Gotta Be Me

  James Blake – The Wilhelm Scream

  The Postal Service – The District Sleeps Alone Tonight


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