Top five underrated Indie bands you should be listening to

Katia Morea | Humber PR Student | Avid Music Blogger |

The indie /ˈindē/ genre is the hipster of music. It is characterized by it’s independence from commercial pop music and mainstream culture. As an adjective it means to not belong or be affiliated with any major record label or music company. Most artists you listen to were once considered Indie.

Indie bands or solo artists can hit you right in the feels with their lyrics, make your tear ducts run out of tears, make you passionate about anything and everything, and give you the social life you were afraid to have.

Here are five underrated Indie bands/artists you should be listening to:

Angus and Julia Stone


An Australian brother-sister duo that formed back in 2006. Three studio albums and nine awards won including: Album of the year for Down the Way.

Why you should give them a chance: Their voices as solo artists are incredible, but completely incomparable to what they sound like as a duo. Julia Stone has one of the most original voices you will ever hear. Just think of the feeling you get with chocolate melting in your mouth. Their tunes vary between slow and upbeat. If you want songs and lyrics that will resonate with you for years and ease your soul, Angus and Julia Stone are for you.

Angus and Julia Stone – For you:



From England, this indie folk band formed back in 2010. Daughter is fronted by the super-talented Elena Tonra, a self-taught musician, followed by Igor Haefeli on guitar and Remi Aguilella on drums. You may have already heard them on some of your favourite TV shows, such as: Grey’s Anatomy, Skins and Arrow.

Why you should give them a chance: Her voice is angelic, their sounds are admirable (especially the original guitar playing), their lyrics are undeniably mysterious and if you’re going through heartbreak, chances are they understand what you’re going through.

Daughter – Youth:

The Jezabels


An Indie Rock band hailing from Australia (country seems to make really good musicians) was formed back in 2007. The band consists of four members: Hayley Mary on lead vocals, Heather Shannon on piano, Nik Kaloper on drums and Samuel Lockwood on lead guitar.

Why you should give them a chance: They can be classified as ‘Indietronic’ because of their vibrant, eclectic sounds. To top it off, their lyrics are not just black and white, they’re extremely complex and difficult to decipher. If you want a band you can both cry to and dance to or even a band you can blast in your car and start screaming at the top of your lungs, they’re for you.

The Jezabels – Easy to Love:

The National


These guys are an indie rock band from Ohio. They’ve been around for quite some time (1999), but only recently started making waves in the music scene. The band consists of five members with Matt Berninger as lead vocals.

Why you should be listening to them: Two words: they’re different. These guys are weird, wild and loud. Their music is introspective with a touch of existential. They’ll give you the perfect movie soundtrack. If you want to listen to something your friends have more than likely never heard, they’re your guys.

The National – Bloodbuzz Ohio:

FKA Twigs


Tahliah Debrett Barnett or better known as FKA Twigs is an indietronica singer, songwriter and director from the UK.

Why you should give her a chance: She does it all herself. She writes her own music and directs the majority of her videos. She’s got catchy lyrics and sings with a whisper-like tone. She claims to not be restricted to any certain genre and definitely enjoys playing around with sounds and emotions. She’s as real as they come having been through struggles and hardships. If you enjoy artists with a knack of weirdness and a flare for difference, FKA Twigs is a must.

FKA Twigs – Two Weeks:

If these five bands don’t do something for you, I don’t know what will. Check out these artists and let me know your opinions, suggestions and recommendations in a comment below.


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