It takes two to make a thing go right: 5 Best cooperative games for couples




Video games are a great way to bring people together. They are for everyone, no matter what you enjoy. With Valentine’s Day coming up why not play some games with your significant other? Here are five games that are perfect for couples.


  1. Rayman Legends


The first game on our list is the latest installment in the long running Rayman series, Rayman Legends. In Legends you go through 120 beautifully designed levels as you fight off enemies and save your captured friends.

Legends is a great game if you are looking for a fun, easy and light hearted experience. Couples will love the visuals, characters and the fun level design. Legends is an amazing game to get you and your significant other into co-op gaming!


  1. Portal 2


In 2007 Valve released the game Portal, where you had to use two portals to solve puzzles and escape a laboratory. The game received critical acclaim, which prompted Valve to release its sequel, Portal 2, in 2011. Portal 2 surpassed everyone’s expectations with the addition of incredibly well written characters and a co-op mode. In Portal 2’s co-op you play as P-body and Atlas, two robots created for the sole purpose of testing out different puzzles.

The reason this is such a great couples game is because you will test your patience in the crazy puzzles. At some points you will have to decide weather to complete the puzzle or comedically mess up to see your better half’s reaction. There will be times when you will be tested as a couple, but in the end you will both have a great time…. even if it is accompanied by some trust issues.


  1. Diablo 3


One of the more mature games on our list is Diablo 3, the latest installment in the 20 year-old Diablo franchise. In Diablo you select a class and clear the land of monsters and try to take on the evil Diablo. You have the option to go on your adventure alone,  with your friends in split-screen game play or go online and play with people around the world.

Couples will love this game as it is a little more complex than the other games on our list. Simple games are great, but sometimes you want a game in which you have to think about your actions. With the class system in Diablo, couples will have to communicate and work together to get through the difficult quests in this RPG.


  1. The Lego series


No matter how old you are, you will always love Lego. whether you are nine years old or 90 you will always find enjoyment in the little plastic blocks. Now with the digital age Lego has teamed up with the development studio Travelers Tales to bring all of your favourite series directly to your console. Harry Potter, Batman, Star Wars and many more blockbuster franchises are available for you to play in their blocky forms.

There are numerous reasons why Lego games are great for couples. Every game has similar mechanics, so it is easy to switch games and not get confused on how to play each game. Most games (are designed)  so that once you beat the game you are done;In order to complete Lego games 100 per cent, you are required to play through it multiple times which gives you a great reason to replay the games. Lastly, Every Lego game is made for two players!


  1. Left 4 Dead (1 & 2)


Left 4 Dead is the bloodiest game on our list and for good reason. In the Left 4 Dead series a mutated rabies virus causes people to turn into zombies. You play as one of eight survivors and try to make your way through levels as you are trying to escape to safety. With different types of zombies you will have to work together to make it out of a level alive.

The best part of Left 4 Dead is it is a pick up and play game. If you and your girlfriend/boyfriend are needing to kill time you can load up a level and just have fun trying to survive the zombie horde. With Left 4 Dead being four-player co-op you can team up with your friends and try to survive the apocalypse.

We have reached the end of our list. There are a lot more games out there for lovebirds to play together; these are just a few great options.

Your favourite co-op game not on our list? Tell us yours in the comments!




TJ Beckham is a PR student at Humber College. He is a gaming enthusiast and lover of all things nerdy. For more of TJ’s content make sure to check out his blog and follow him on twitter and instagram.


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