Drake approved R&B artists drop debut album



Majid Jordan has finally released their highly anticipated debut album on Friday and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it. After teasing fans (and myself) by continuously dropping tracks on their Twitter page, it was definitely worth the hype.

I’ve been following the Toronto duo, Majid Al Maskati and Jordan Ullman, since they released their five-track track EP entitled “A Place Like This” back in July of 2014 and I have had the songs on repeat ever since. Yes they are that good. I originally heard of Majid Jordan featured on Drake’s hit single “Hold On We’re Going Home” to later find out they actually co-wrote the song with him. A fun fact about the guys is they actually do write and produce their own music, something that is so rare nowadays in the entertainment industry.

The album consists of Majid’s electric voice that can hit high notes that in which you and me couldn’t even dream about hitting. Let’s not forget that the tracks are backed by heavy synths dripping with rhythm provided by Jordan. It’s definitely a feel-good album with a lot of solid tracks that I hope get a lot of radio play, especially here in Canada. My favorite track off the album has to be the second one titled “Make It Work.” The song is an up-beat banger about trying to make it work with a girl he’s pursuing, while struggling with his emotions. The opening lyrics of the song are “I don;t wanna be the one to say this, ’cause saying it will make it real. Tell me, am I going crazy? Why do I feel? I’ve been having lots of troubles here lately. I don’t wanna do these things but you make me.” They are true geniuses with their lyrics as well, and their songs aren’t just another mindless, repetitive pop song.
A8ij_xxeSo, a little bit of a background for those who don’t know. The two originally met while going to the University of Toronto around four years ago and the “rest was history,” as they stated on their social media platforms a few days before the album came available to the public on the internet. The two were found on social sound platform SoundCloud and were immediately signed under Drake’s co-owned OVO Sound label and having been mentored from him since. These two are beyond talented and definitely worth checking out.

You can purchase the 12-track album on iTunes (https://t.co/1QzJSqLPL0) or head over online to stream it for free on Spotify (https://play.spotify.com/album/7awpB1UEVeDF6h8mGMssTI)

Did anyone score tickets to their concert April 4 at the Mod Club? I did, I’m stoked. Let me know in the comments below what your favourite track is if you’ve listened to the album yet, or any new and upcoming artists I should check out.
As a savvy public relations student at Humber College, I always like to be in the know on everything new and buzz-worthy and I’m sure you do to. So to stay connected you can follow me on the following social media sites: Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.



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