Beauty Tips & Tricks 101


The world of makeup today is more popular than it’s ever been since the beginning of time and let’s face it… we’re not all makeup artists and beauty gurus. In the make up world there are many shortcuts that one can use to help achieve that professional makeup look even, if you’re an amateur at makeup.


As for myself, I have been practicing beauty techniques ever since I was in elementary school and have grown a passion for the world of beauty. As a makeup enthusiast, I’ve always loved learning new ways to create easy makeup looks for any occasion.  These tips and tricks are so simple and fool-proof, anyone could do them!


Here are some beauty tips and tricks that might just change your life:

  1. Concealer: When using a concealer, try using one a shade lighter than your skin tone to help brighten up the dark areas under your eye. For maximum coverage when applying your concealer, apply it by creating an inverted triangle underneath your eye. Make sure you blend the product out for a more awake look. This tip helps for times when you were up all night working (or drinking). For a more in depth look click



  1. Flakey mascara: Uh oh! What do you do if your mascara is dried up but you still want to use it? Eye drops! All you have to do is take your mascara and add about eight-10 eye drops into the bottle and mix it in with the wand. After this, your mascara should be ready to use again.




  1. Eyelash curling: To get your eye lashes super curled and to stay all day then I have the perfect tip for you! All you need is your favourite eyelash curler and a blow dryer. Use your blow dryer to heat up your eyelash curler before curling your lashes. Once done heating, test the metal against the back of your hand to make sure it’s not too hot. After that, you’re all set to curl and conquer the world!



  1. Winged liner: Yes, the dreadful (to some) and impossible winged liner. For many of us it’s almost impossible to get your eyes looking identical, let alone similar. To create easy, symmetrical winged eye liner all you need is a spoon. By using the spoon, you line up the handle on the outer part of your eye and draw a straight line. Then on the round part of the spoon, place it right above your lash line where you drew the straight line and use the rounded edge to create a flawless wing tip. This eyeliner hack is almost fool proof and will get you that “on fleek” eyeliner you’ve always wanted. You can get a better idea of this trick by clicking here.



  1. Plumping your lashes: “Life is short, but your eyelashes don’t have to be” is the motto I personally like to use. But in all honesty, who doesn’t want long, voluminous lashes? With this hack you will need your favourite mascara and baby powder. Before applying the first coat of mascara apply the baby powder to your lashes with a clean lash wand or with your finger tips. The baby powder will stick and create more length and volume for your lashes. After this, apply the first coat and then repeat until you get your desired look.



  1. Fuller lips: Everyone wants the “Angelina Jolie lips”, but many don’t know that you can fake it. That’s right! No cosmetic surgery needed. For this hack you will need your favourite lip gloss or lipstick and a white eye shadow. First, apply your lip product then take your pinky finger and dip it into the eye shadow and apply it to the upper and lower middle of your lips. Make sure to blend it in with your lip gloss/stick. This will create the illusion that your lips are fuller and plumper.





Grab a mirror or friend and try out these beauty tips and tricks today!


About the author: Shannon Reid is a public relations advanced diploma student at Humber College. She a beauty enthusiast who thrives off of winged eyeliner and “on fleek” contouring. You can always find her shopping at Sephora or watching makeup tutorials online.


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