5 ways to make a long distance relationship work

As most people know, from either personal experience or hearing it from a friend, long distance relationships are very hard to maintain. Whether you moved off to school, or you just relocated to experience something new, distance is always hard on a relationship and it is up to the two people involved to find ways to make it work. If you are in a long distance relationship and need tips on how to make it work, it is highly suggested that you keep reading. These few tips could change your whole outlook on the distance in your relationship
Number 1: Always say what is on your mind
There is no bigger pet peeve to your partner then when you don’t speak your mind. It is very hard to understand each other and know what the other person is thinking if you keep everything to yourself. To maintain a healthy relationship you need to discuss the things that bother you and the things that make you happy. This will let your partner know what is okay for them to do, and what is not.
Number 2: ALWAYS tell the truth
In long distance relationships, trust is the number one thing that couples find hard to have. You do not always know exactly what your partner is doing and that could bother some people. For most couples, they have trust issues before the other partner moves away, so when the day comes, they find themselves second guessing what they’re partner is saying to them, more problems arise and all too often, relationships end.
Number 3: Plan a surprise visit every once in a while
A majority of relationships become long distance when one partner moves off to school or has to be in a different location for a job opportunity. It could be an hour away or 12 hours away, but no matter what, it’s always hard to have that distance between the two of you. There are so many ways to plan a surprise visit to your partner. You could contact their roommate and ask them go along with the plan, or work really hard to buy a plane ticket, or put gas in your car to go visit them, wherever they may be. It is guaranteed that your partner will appreciate this kind action, and maybe they will surprise you one day. Below is a link for cheap flights.
Number 4: Do something together while you are apart
It is understandable how this could make absolutely no sense to some people, but what this point is trying to say is “even though you are apart, you can still do things together”. Plan a weekly FaceTime date, or make it a daily routine to call your partner whenever you both have free time. Distance is hard but if you and your partner can take time out of your days to call each other, it becomes a lot easier. Just hearing your significant others voice could make all the doubt you have in your relationship go away.
Number 5: Don’t get angry when they want to go out and hangout with their friends
Having this distance between the two of you could make you feel very lonely at one point or another. Now that you are gone, they need to have friends in their lives to keep them sane. If he/she wants to go out to dinner and a movie with their friends, let them. If they had a rough week and they need to let loose, say yes when they ask if it is okay to go to the bar to have a few drinks and watch sports. Having friends is important, and associating with people other than your partner is essential. Relationships are about trust, and if you can’t trust them when they’re not with you, then why are you with them.
The point of this blog post is to make each and every one of you feel confident in your relationship. The first few months of not having your partner there whenever you need them is hard, but as long as you both work together it gets easier. Always trust that your partner is telling you the truth. There is no point in doubting them, until they give you a reason to. Always make time for each other no matter what as this makes the distance easier and every once in a while, visit them and show them just how much you care about them. Long distance relationships are not easy but they’re not hard. As long as you both try your hardest to make it work, your relationship should be just as good as it was before you moved away.
If you’re still stuck and your relationship has not changed after reading this article, here is another link to another blog. Please feel free to visit this website. http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Long-Distance-Relationship-Work

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