3 Reasons Why Kendrick Lamar Deserves All 11 Grammy Nominations

By Carlos Edwards, first-year Public Relations Student at Humber College



Unless you’re dead, the renowned name of Kendrick Lamar, K-Dot, King Kendrick, or Cornrow Kenny, has parked itself, probably in the famous van with the sliding door, in the lot of your mind. Since 2011, the drop of Kendrick’s debut studio album, Section 80, Kendrick, with his lyrics, has lead us down the streets of Hub City, better known as Compton, USA. His mind-blowing eloquence and the raw passion has given us a vivid look into his life from “…innocent Kendrick you seen in the street with a basketball and some Now and Laters to eat…” on Rosecrans Avenue, to a deep look into the mind and soul of the famous rapper.

Everything this guy has released has been nothing short of classic, which in the rap-o-sphere means amazing or memorable.  And what is the best way to honor memorable music and amazing talent, SHOVE AN AWARD IN HIS HANDS. And Kendrick Lamar has been humbly accepting awards since 2012, but out of them all, only 2 are Grammy Awards. Well, that might change come February 15th, as the Great and Mighty King Kendrick has received 11 Grammy nominations, and in an interview, he states he wants to win all of them.

And as an avid listener and loyal subject under the mighty reign of K-Dot, I would like to list 3 reasons why I believe he deserves all 11 Grammy nominations.

Number 1: HE ONLY HAS 2

I mean COME ON! You’re telling me that a guy with that caliber of talent only has 2 GRAMMY’S? In my opinion, Kendrick Lamar is the Michael Jackson of rap, and Michael Jackson won 13 Grammys! I mean, along with other awards, Kendrick has enough to be proud of (34), but a Grammy is one of, if not THE chief aspiration of almost every musician. American Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, even Teen Choice Awards are commendable achievements, but everyone wants to see some Grammy’s in their closet. And Kendrick Lamar needs more of them.  The man is an artist. And if you were to witness great art, wouldn’t you give it the GRAMMY it deserved?
Number 2: One for All

Kendrick Lamar in a Grammy promo commercial in his hometown, Compton, USA.

Kendrick Lamar is not one to flaunt and propagate his fame and success everywhere like an arrogant blockhead. One thing anyone can attest to about Cornrow Kenny, is that he’s very humble, and willing to do for others out of the genuineness of his heart. Main example, Kendrick Lamar is known for always utilizing his success to help his city, Compton, USA, and the youth in his, and other inner cities to become better people. One of his recent philanthropic initiatives was with Mentor, an organization driven to help youth become productive and engaged adults, with which Kendrick is also engaged in. Kendrick is a giver. To his community, and to his craft. Kendrick Lamar shares in the interview above, if he wins all 11 Grammy’s, it wouldn’t just be for his acclaim, but for Compton, and for all of rap. If you had the chance to do something great, would you do it just for your benefit, or to empower and advantage those you care about? 


Number 3: Honor to whom honor is due

Like I said before, Kendrick is an Artist! The eloquence and raw passion exhibited in his lyrics, accompanied by just the right beat, is revered, respected, and put on repeat by many. So much so, that at one his shows, he was crowned the King of West-Coast rap by the gangster rap torch-bearers that have worn the crown before him. And as he received the title, along with the crowd chanting his name, he could do nothing but get emotional, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CsU4dbFooJI.  Proof that the King, in reality, is as humble as they come, and as talented as they come. It should be our duty to honor greatness such as Mr. Lamar. He’s given us soulful ballads, bumpin’ club bangers, and a coarse look into the inner man. Anyone willing to give you that, along with a catchy hook, deserves all the awards he’s nominated for. In this case, all 11.


If you’re not familiar with the work of Kendrick Lamar, give these a listen:

Section 80


Good kid, m.A.A.D. city 


To Pimp A Butterfly 




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