The Art of Being a Homebody

Posted by, Brittney Garcia, public relations student at Humber College.


It’s the weekend. Possibilities are endless. Your phone is going off the hook with texts saying,

“What are you doing tonight?”
“Let’s go downtown?”
“It’s ‘So-And-So’s’ birthday, come out with all of us!”
“Drinks at the bar tonight!”

I’m sure we have all received a buzz at the tip of our palms, urging us to leave our house. But, the truth is, for the 50 per cent of those who actually do endure- the sometimes expensive and exhausting- nights out there is another 50 per cent of us who are in committed relationships… with our beds, our Netflix accounts, or the jar of Nutella sitting in our cupboard. Combine all three and perhaps that is the perfect night for some of us- it does sound good!

Ask yourself, though, “How often do I get alone time?” (No, not that freaky alone time stuff)


I mean, legitimate, self-reflecting, alone time?

Chances are, most of you are students with part-time, or even full-time jobs. The time you get away from either of those responsibilities, you are committing time to your family, friends, or dwelling into endless amounts of reading and assignments. It is hard to catch a break and breathe. It is even harder to catch a break, breathe, and NOT be stressed out about it.

This is when I step in. First name: Brittney. Last name: Garcia. Middle name: (You guessed it) Homebody! (Not actually… but go along).

It is vital for people to take time out of their lives and do something for themselves. Not only is it important for students, but for anyone. Let me start off by asking you this: What relaxes you? Is it exercising? Is it animals? Sports? Movies? Reading? Tea? It could be anything. For myself, I would have to say painting and drawing. Painting and drawing are cathartic to me. Once a week I make it a personal priority to commit a night in creating something, or finishing up and old piece of work. I’m no Matisse, Picasso, or Van Gogh, but I aspire to find what makes me different amongst the rest.

How can you get it done? One may ask. Well, let me tell you. I grab some of my favourite things: tea, junk food, wine, a great playlist, some go-to movies, a canvas, paint and pencils, and I merge them into my spot. What on earth is my spot you may be wondering? My spot is the one place in my house where I have this force field of “Leave me alone!!!” And honestly, it doesn’t even have to be in your house. It could be a coffee shop that you escape to, get some reading done. Regardless, once you have that spot in mind, you are free to let your mind relax and perhaps you will learn something new about yourself. It is truly amazing at what can be done.

(Need help with a few movie decisions? Take a gander at these two hyperlinks):

The best and worst movies from our childhood
50 movies you have to see in your lifetime

Now that you have somewhat gathered in your mind what it is that allows you to be you, the most difficult part is applying it.

Pick a day or night, any day or night of the week. Commit to that time, and remember that it’s okay to not be a social butterfly 24/7.

Stay tuned for my next blog, as I will delve into a personal DIY: Abstract Art. The one thing that relaxes me, you might discover relaxes you too.

In the meantime I want you to think about these few things: what are you good at? Is there a new hobby that you have been thinking about picking up and learning? And, is there a project that you have been meaning to finish?


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