The Top 7 Vloggers You HAVE To Check Out on YouTube

Vlogging on YouTube is extremely popular today. It is a form of reality “TV” that is actually real. I’m here to show you some of the BEST vloggers out there that you just HAVE to check out for yourself!

7. Aspyn + Parker – 876 thousand+ subscribers


Aspyn and Parker Ferris are a newly wed couple who vlog their everyday lives. What makes them different from other couple vloggers is that they are only 19 and 20 which is quite young to already have such a successful channel. They Just got engaged this summer and got married this month. Although they are a new family, they have been vlogging together for about a year. Although their vlog channel together is new, Aspyn is no “newbie” to YouTube; she has had her own channel vlogging about beauty and fashion for a few years before. Since they are just starting their lives together, it is a great time to start watching them.

6. FunForLouis – 1.6 million+ subscribers


If you live for adventure but it isn’t a realistic option for you, look no further. Louis Cole is a 32-year-old British daily vlogger who films his crazy adventures for a living. His life seems like a neverending whirlwind of meeting new people, eating new foods, and experiencing new things. He has been to places like Australia, Norway, Africa, and he’s even been here to Canada a few times. If you crave something new, I recommend checking him out! As he says, “Peace out, enjoy life, and live the adventure!”.

5. Ellie and Jared – 470 thousand+ subscribers


This amazing couple is definitely a hidden gem on YouTube. Ellie and Jared are a family of four from Idaho who vlog their everyday lives. They are a simple, sweet, down-to-earth family who share so much love and I think that is what is so appealing about watching them. They don’t go on extravagant trips; they just do every day things and film and that makes them such a real family. If you want to have just a good smile, check out their vlogs.

4. SACCONEJOLYs – 1.2 million+ subscribers


This sweet Irish daily vlogging family will have your cheeks hurting after a 12 minute vlog. Anna and Jonathan live in the UK with their two children and vlog their everyday life. This family always is having a laugh and if you need a pick-me-up, at 6 p.m. they will never disappoint. With a mom that loves to cook, and a dad who loves to joke, it is never a dull moment in this household. Also, it is fun just to the the way of life watching them from the other side of the pond.

3. BFvsGF – 7.8 million+ subscribers


You may know these two from their hilarious prank channel, PrankvsPrank, but here they film their lives as a couple. When they aren’t pranking each other they’re…well, they’re always pranking each other. Jesse and Jeana show what its like to live and be in love with your best friend. Sometimes their day involves adventuring around the city, or just relaxing in the house with their cats, but either way, every vlog is entertaining. With almost 8 million subscribers how can you not watch them.

2. PointlessBlogVlogs – 2.6 million+ subscribers


Alfie Deyes is a 22-year-old Bristish vlogger who lives in Brighton, England with his girlfriend Zoe, also know on YouTube as Zoella, and their adorable pug Nala. Alfie has an incredible life for a 22-year-old. He gets to travel the world, and do what he loves. He films his life with his girlfriend Zoe and they are just adorable to watch, they are what we call, #goals. Alfie is known more for his main channel, PointlessBlog, where he posts funny skits and challenges, but his daily vlogs make him personable personality to watch, and admire.

1. SHAYTARDS – 3.8 million+ subscribers


Finally, this family will have you in stitches watching their lives. Shay and Colette Butler live with their five kids. Yes, I said five, and they have been vlogging for six years. The Shaytards have a certain light to them that just makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. There is always something new and exciting happening in their lives but they are always able to stay humble and grateful of where they came from. The Shaytards are a must to watch if you want to feel like apart of the family.

As you can tell from the variety of different channels vlogging really is the new “reality TV”. If you think I forgot anyone, let me know!

Katelyn Hiltz is a first year public relations student at Humber College.


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