New or pro runners: Why do we enjoy running?




RunningListen up all runners! If you are new to running or even someone who has been running for years or even months, have you ever tried running in the fall or even in the snow? Some may say it’s wet, its cold and sometimes the smell is unbearable.  Just everything about these two seasons makes some people sick, and unmotivated.  No one wants to get out of their comfy clothes and put running clothes on. Some people try going to the gym, but just the thought of running on a treadmill to them is boring and running on an indoor track for 100 laps is even more boring.  And trust me on that one, running laps is awful!

Now, it is about time people started exploring the running world and begin experiment with running in the fall, winter running or any other running for that matter. Don’t knock it till you try it. The beautiful leafs, the cool crisp fall air and for one thing you aren’t running in the sweaty hot summer heat. In the winter, running, despite the cold some may find it peaceful and a good way to relieve stress. I take my dog for runs in the fall all the time and we could be out for hours.

Now if you are new to running, here are some tips and facts that will make you want to put on your running shoes over and over again. Before anyone really gets started in running the one thing to do first is get a good set of running shoes. If you are really serious about running really look into a good pair, ones that will last you a long time. Second, every runner should have a watch. A watch that will keep track of time and your kilometres or has I would say mileage. It is important to have yourself a watch that keep track of the kilometers because it will give you motivation to improve and set yourself goals. For examples, Monday I will run 2km and Wednesday I will run 3km.

If you are a runner who has been running for many years, maybe try and experiment more with your running. Do something different. Try a half marathon or try running a different trail. Running is all about learning your limits and also getting out of your comfort zone. So, put on your hats and mitts and go for a run in the snow. Or do what I do and just let your legs take you anyone.

Yes, we have all heard it before. When you say you are a runner or enjoy running we all get that look from someone. “What? You run for fun? How? I can’t run 100 metres, let alone 1 kilometre.” Trust me, I still even get that look from my parents. And even my coaches say “Yup, we’re the crazy ones.” All runners understand those sentences but again it refers back to “Don’t know it till you try it.” Many people have never thought about running then once they start to try it they enjoy it so much they cannot get enough of it.

The major question is, why run?

Running is one of the best things anyone could ever start. Running is motivating, it’s amazing for your health and most importantly no one is stopping you or pressuring you. If you want to run, go run. No one is stopping you but yourself.  Running isn’t an expensive sport. You don’t require a helmet, knee pads or a stick to do it. You just need an open mind.

Why I run?

As a runner I must say it is one of my favourite things. It is a hobby, it is the one thing that makes me, me and I absolutely love it. I wouldn’t be me without my running. Running is an amazing stress reliever. Personally the moment I put on my running shoes and hit a trail my mind goes blank and in that moment while I’m running I just look around and enjoy the view. Everyone does running for different reasons, some competitively, others for fun. But as they run more they challenge themselves and try running competitively and love it more. Now, the main question is what stopping you from running? Go put on a pair of running shoes and just let your legs do the moving and your mind go clear.

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