Top five Netflix and chill movies


Lets be honest here, a show of hands, how many of you “Netflix and chill”? Actually, don’t put your hand up. Every single one of you reading this blog right now is a living proof of it. Research has shown that there are many different types of Netflix and chill groups; wife and husband, boyfriend and girlfriend, friends with benefits, only friends, and last but not least, me myself and I. We all know what Netflix and chill is all about these days, so I’ve decided to help you out by picking the top five movies that will allow you to enjoy an incredible evening of Netflix and chill. With that being said, enjoy.

The first movie I chose to share with you is the one and only amazing romantic comedy, Friends with Benefits. It basically tells us, what’s better than no strings attached, and that’s something many people are looking for now a days. It also allows you to see it from a different perspective, and that’s falling in love no matter how hard you try not to, even if you swear on an iPad bible like Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake do.

Second movie is for the romantics and deeply in love couples. The Notebook is not only full of love, but also very passionate. I mean who wouldn’t want to have Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling’s hot and steamy love story, right? Need I say more? Watching the Notebook will be a very relaxed and romantic night with your significant other brought to you by Netflix and chill.

I hope you all know Netflix and chill was definitely not invented in this generation. Nothing like the good old days of drive-in and chill to watch Grease. I mean, your parents or grandparents were most likely the grease lightning to this trend going on here. This movie shows you exactly what fun and being in love is all about in the good old days. Shows you what you are striving for with your partner, which allows you to fall into the crazy-fun-romantic mood.

The horror genre is everybody’s absolute favourite. Personally, I am terrified of horror movies. I will never be able to sit down and watch one, so that is why if my significant other wanted me to pay more attention to him, I would definitely consider a horror movie for his own benefit. That goes to all boys with their ladies afraid of the non-realistic movies. Scream is an old but a very well-known movie. Nothing better than a little scream to get your lady cuddle up, right where you want her to be.

We are all big fans of this one, the teenage comedy everybody loves to love, Mean Girls. Whether you’re a guy or a girl, chances are you’ve all seen it. Not once, not twice, but a million times and you know every line by heart. In that case, Mean Girls is “totally fetch” to put on and fool around on, then wrap it up just in time for the Spring Fling. You go Glenn Coco.










I know many people have a different opinion on Netflix and chill, but it’s not necessarily what you think of it and how others portray it; it’s how you make it work that’s most effective. Netflix and chill is a great way to relax and spend some quality time together by watching a movie that could relate to your relationship. There are so many different types of movies you can chose from and relate to. What are some of your favourite Netflix and chill movies, and why?

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