Drake breaks the Internet with legendary dance moves

By: Cheyanne Christopher | November 17, 2015


You’ve probably been living under a rock if you haven’t watched Drake’s “Hotline Bling” music video, or the thousands of memes that followed just hours after it was released.

It wasn’t the “extremely catchy” song that has everyone talking, but rather his legendary dance moves…out of this world, really.

The music video was released about a week ago, and the GIFs and Vines haven’t stopped since- most of them dubbing different songs over from salsa to popular television shows’ theme songs. It hasn’t been hard to miss when they’ve permeated every single social media platform, I even had my grandmother calling me up to ask me who “this man is” dancing all over her Facebook feed.

All jokes aside, there’s no denying that Drake is a creative genius; he took a song of his, just recently released this past summer that was casually played, and turned it into an anthem. It has everyone talking (not to mention, sharing) with millions of others, going viral with every “re-tweet.” Although his dance moves are…different, to say the least, he had fun with it and has everyone else having just as much fun, which is why it’s hard not to respect his work.

And if you thought this was completely impromptu, you’re 100 percent right. When asked what direction Drake was given for the “Hotline Bling,” Director X (the director of the music video) simply said, “Nothing.” In regards to the response the video has gotten, he also said, “I had no idea it would be such a thing. I’ve done some videos that have gotten good responses, but I’ve never seen s— like this.”

Drake embraced it all, reposting the Vines to his personal Instagram account, even drawings- yes, drawings createghjguhgd by fans. Although there’s no video stream count due to Drake originally releasing the video via Apple Music, lets be real though, the buzz it’s gotten speaks for itself. “Hotline Bling” remains number two on Billboard’s Hot 100 singles chart. Not to mention, popular sites like Buzzfeed took it upon themselves to create lists of their top favorite memes of #DrakeAlwaysOnBeat (the hash tag started of clips of Drake dancing with different music overlayed.)

Most importantly, can we talk about how aesthetically pleasing (yup, I went there) this video is?! It’s like Drake made this with every *~cool kid’s~* Instagram feed in mind. So.Visually.Appealing.

Love him or not, you can’t get “Hotline Bling” out of your head, and I’m betting my money that is exactly what Drake was going for.

What are your thoughts on the “Hotline Bling” music video? Leave a comment below!


Cheyanne Christopher

jhjhCheyanne is a full-time PR student at Humber, surviving each day one coffee at a time. She has a passion for anything fashion and pop-culture, and hopes to, one day, take on the fashion industry as Alexander Wang’s PR girl.



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