A Girls Guide to EDM Festival Fashion

12108041_10153067396807213_7732701656170056049_nKasandra Vandenenden is a first year bachelor of public relations student at Humber College and is an avid festival goer.

I have gone to many electronic music festivals and I have learned from experience the best type of clothing to wear to attend these events. Rave fashion is all about creative expression, everyone wears wild clothing, but that’s because EDM festivals are unlike any other event you’ll attend in the summer months. They are upbeat and all about the vibes from the crowd and DJs.


The first and perhaps most important thing I’ve learned from going to festivals is that wearing proper footwear makes a huge difference. I wouldn’t be caught dead in open toed shoes or flip flops at these events. It’s important to wear the right footwear to get the best possible rave experience. You will be outside surrounded by people and you never know what the weather conditions will be like, if it ends up raining the ground usually becomes a muddy mess so wearing shoes that cover your feet is very important to keep your feet from getting very dirty.

Closed toed shoes are also a protective precaution because there would be nothing worse than getting your feet stepped on repeatedly and having it happen on your bare feet. You also have to take in to consideration that you will be dancing for hours-on-end so comfortable shoes are an absolute must if you want to stay light on your feet and bring out your best dance moves.

Another thing I learned from attending EDM festivals is that you need to feel confident in whatever outfit you choose to wear, it should also be light enough for you to wear in the sun all day because it will be hot! This may vary from person to person; a typical rave outfit for me is a pair of high waisted shorts, a crop top and rave accessories as well as lace up or slip on shoes. If you are confident in your outfit you are sure to have a great day. You will be dancing in front of strangers and if you’re worried about the way your clothes are fitting you then it’s going to take away from your experience and might even make you hold back.

There are plenty of websites that sell clothing specifically for raves, because as I mentioned before EDM festival fashion is very different from other music festivals. You would never see girls wearing neon leg wraps with arms full of colourful bracelets on them at any ordinary outdoor festival.

Click here to visit one of my favourite rave clothing boutiques

imagesOne of my favourite things about EDM festival fashion is the endless and wild accessories that have become a huge part of the rave scene. Don’t be afraid to go all out because I guarantee a ton of other people will be going all out as well.

A favourite rave accessory of mine that has recently taken the music festival world by storm, are metallic tattoos. You place them on like an ordinary temporary tattoo but they are shiny and sometimes even glow in the dark, they always look cool when night-time rolls around. EDCOrlando ACCESS.

Another one of my favourite rave accessories that also just became popular are face gems. You can buy them at any craft store and girls (me included) will apply the gems around their eyes and above their eyebrows for an added sparkle effect.

Click here to visit a website where you can get some really cool light up rave accessories that would look awesome for the night-time DJ sets.

Anything goes in terms of fashion at a rave; I always try my best (as well as may others) to wear as much neon as I can because that is basically the expectation at EDM festivals. You are free to be yourself and dress as creatively as you want! I have seen some crazy outfits at these events but as long as you are confident and comfortable in your attire then you’re sure to be a happy festival goer.

What would you wear to an EDM festival?


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