5 Things That Will Ruin Your Day

Greetings to all clumsy, klutzy, embarrassing, and accident prone people out there! If you are anything like me, you have at least two “bad” days a week, and what I have noticed from these days where everything seems to be going wrong, is that they always seem to start with one unfortunate event in the morning that ruins my attitude for the rest of the day. Now, I know this sounds rather pessimistic of me, however, when your newly fixed iphone practically leaps out of your hand, down the front steps of your front porch, and smashes into 100 little pieces, for the second time in two weeks I should mention, its hard to keep smiling. Thus the compulsion I feel to blog about the 5 things I hope do not happen to you in the morning:


  1. Phone troublescharger
  • Who doesn’t love a morning text? Especially waking up to one from my service provider saying I have used up all my data for this month!
  • Speaking of morning texts, waiting for a text from someone you really like all morning only to see him or her tweet and not text you always brightens my mood!
  • Your iphone charger growing a “chin” and deciding to stop working for today, leaving you phoneless for the day. This means no music on the bus, no telling your friends where to meet you, and worst of all NO daily Instagram creeping your ex-boyfriends new girlfriend.
  • Smashing the front screen of your phone! My personal favourite mood killer. Especially when it’s the second time you’ve broken it in two weeks and are too broke to fix it again, so you are forced to text over broken glass and hope to God the front camera still works.
  1. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day
  • cerWho has time for breakfast with all the last minute morning rushed things that have to be done? There may be the odd time you want to have a bowl of cereal. So, you take out a bowl, pull out the box of Lucky Charms, pour yourself a nice big portion, then you go to grab the milk and of course with the horrible luck you have, a little drop of 2% comes out of the carton because someone put it back in the fridge empty! MOOD=RUINED.
  • No milk? Guess what, that means no essential morning coffee you already started making a pot of!
  1. Wardrobe malfunction
  • Canada is so great; the negative 10 degree weather is lovely! So glad I have a warm and cozy scarf, but oh wait! My mother decided to take it without asking! Freezing cold it is!cold
  • 8:00 a.m. Class went well today, halfway home on the subway and I realize it’s a little chilly. Maybe it has something to do with leaving my $400 jacket at school.
  1. Red light, green light
  • The one miraculous morning when mom and dad let you take the car to school so you didn’t have to leave an extra hour early to make it on time. Except, you did because the traffic lights knew you were coming and changed to red every single time!
  • Finally, the lights are starting working with your schedule, so you start speeding up as your hitting all the green lights; you are going to make it with time to spare! Going 10 over the speed limit however, this is not a racetrack and you are not a racecar driver! You now have a speeding ticket. Have a wonderful morning!
  1. Scrub-a-dub-dubUntitled
  • The best way to start your day is to take a nice hot shower! “Hot” being the operative word. There is no happiness in a lukewarm, even cold, shower. I mean, I do not know about you guys but I have never had a good day start by jumping in the shower only to find that everyone in the house has used up all the hot water before you!




Breana Rakovalis, Bachelor of Public Relations student, Humber College.






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