Washboard Abs Are Just a Click Away


Nothing will distract you more from the present than an unhealthy obsession with how your body could look tomorrow. Have a test tomorrow? A slightly thinner version of yourself would have it more together. A buffer version probably wouldn’t even need to study. Better start preparing to better that version of yourself now!

The good news is that you don’t have to go far to find the tools to help you achieve the new you. ‘Fitspiration’ is available on all major social media platforms. Want to spend less than your recommended 30 minutes of daily exercise to look toned? BodyRock has you covered with fitness routines that will only take you an average of 15 minutes to complete. Looking for someone for someone with a bit more pep to lead you through your workout? Cassey Ho from Blogilates will take you through pilates routines on her YouTube channel with cute names like ‘beach ready butt workout’ or ‘6 Min to a Sexy Little Waist!’ All convenient options come with a handy diet plan to tell you exactly what to eat. Most of these diet plans and workout videos are provided free of charge. What a steal!

With the guess work taken out for you, who needs to do their own research? One simply needs to blindly follow the plan laid out before them to achieve the body like the one providing the prescribed workout regimen. This leaves extra time to search before and after pictures, and motivational posters to stick up on the wall.

If you’d prefer to stick to diet alone, there are many YouTube stars willing to share their expertise on clean eating. Looking for fast results? The raw food vegan diet might be for you! Some of this diet’s proponents will go as far as shaming body types they deem unhealthy. How helpful! Now you don’t even need to question your own judgment on what a health body type looks like. YouTube’s controversial raw food vegan diet advocate Freelee the Banana Girl even offers to help ‘unhealthy looking’ celebrities. What a gem.

Obviously not all of the help that is offered on web is created equal. One must view fitspiration at his or her own discretion. Not everyone posting helpful tips online is as reliable as the above mentioned. It has been suggested that this supportive material can lead to a distorted body image. One doesn’t need to look further than the online communities provided by fitness gurus to witness the material triggering a healthy obsession with weight loss and muscle gains. The more time one commits to their transformation, the better the results. So click away and follow the meal plan. Every minute counts on your journey to perfection. How could there be a better use of your time than creating a flawless version of yourself?


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