The Reality Behind Getting Your #WCW Fitness Model Body

Last November I unexpectedly made a decision that was going to alter my life. Being surrounded by a small handful of coworkers who were preparing for their upcoming fitness shows is quite the inspiring environment to be in. You watch passion and desire fuel someone’s day to day life and it becomes an addiction. This journey was an emotional roller coaster, filled with the unknown. Of course there are things about my “prep” that I wish I could change but without those moments I wouldn’t have a story to share. If you’re  thinking about competing, make sure to do your research and keep in mind my experience may be different from the next person.

I had always been very active and maintained moderately healthy eating habits but competition prep takes these to a whole new level. It was truly eye opening. I am still unsure as to what was more challenging: the increasingly difficult workout routine, or the strict diets that were altered every couple of weeks. During the early stages I did my research. I started looking at blogs, reading articles and even following the different pros on social media. This became my motivation, along with taking progress pictures along the way. Below is the start of my transformation this past March, about four months or 19 weeks away from my first show. It’s amazing being able to see the little progressions you make in your body from week to week.

IMG_5012As I got down to the 14 week mark things became difficult. I was eating the same meals day after day, and it quickly felt like a chore. This is one of the many lows I faced during my transition, but at this point I didn’t know that it would become the least of my worries. Fast forward to April, I followed one of the tips I read and attended a local show. I was enjoying myself, seeing what looks the judges liked really helped me establish what I kind of package I needed to bring to the stage. Unfortunately that afternoon, I received a text message from my coach at the time saying that she was no longer able to fit me into her schedule. I spoke with my fitness manager and she set me up with a trainer from another club who was also a competitor. We had been working together for a week and a half and I was seeing amazing results. Like I said before the bland meals was just the beginning. Two weeks into training with my new trainer, he altered my diet and my body started feeding off the muscle I had built up because I wasn’t properly nourished. The icing on the cake (which I wish I could’ve had) was that same week he told me he was quitting the company. I felt so low at this point, I was six weeks away from my first show and I just had two coaches quit on me and basically had to reset my metabolism. These negative experiences just provided more motivation for when Coach Andre took over.

In the last six weeks things finally came together. I actually enjoyed going to training, and my meal plan was strict but still had variety too it. The final details were all that was left to worry about. I had my membership card and competition fees already paid for; all I was missing was the bedazzled suit and hair, makeup and tanning packages.IMG_6293

Saturday, July 11,  2015 is a day I will never forget. It was the day I had waited months for. It was the day that was going to make the emotional roller coaster I endured worth it. There were nine girls in my height class; two others were rookies like myself. I walked on stage with the confidence and the mindset that no matter the outcome I would be proud of my journey. I was pleasantly surprised with where I finished, I walked away with third place and my bid to provincials!

By taking a leap of faith and believing in the unknown, I learned a lot about who I am as an individual. Competition preparation tested my limits physically, mentally, and emotionally. A fitness model body is great but so is pizza. A lifestyle change is required to achieve a goal of this kind and it certainly isn’t for everyone. Who is the person that you admire and use as your “fitspiration”


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