Screaming, “Sweet Jesus,” For Sweet Jesus!

      To all my fellow desert lovers, if your sweet tooth is constantly on the hunt for the perfect satisfaction to those “Treat yo self” moments then I have an extra sugary find for you!

UntitledSweet Jesus, a popular ice-cream parlor, located in the Entertainment District of downtown Toronto, is well-known for its colourful cones and popsicles. For the past year they have been open, Sweet Jesus has been making a name for itself, serving espresso and pastries starting at 7 a.m. and crazy frozen treats starting at 12 p.m. There really is something for everybody!latte

The space, although being fairly small, brings a modern and trendy look to the old fashion ice-cream shop idea that everyone’s parents can relate to going to as children, therefore appealing to the young hipsters as well as their elders.

When walking in, one cannot help but take pictures of the bright neon signs and photo worthy lattes. I mean you can never Instagram too many foodie pictures can you? See all their irresistible goodies on their Instagram @sweetjesus4life!

My personal experience there was far from your average trip to the local Dairy Queen. With a line up that stretched out the door and half way down the street, I thought I would never be able to get the scoop (get it); however, the staff handled the rush impeccably by bringing out menus to the customers waiting outside so the ordering process would be sped up. The staff was super helpful in recommending their favourites to try and very patient, continuing to smile while the food paparazzi made ordering ice-cream seem like a Drake sighting. I know I would not be able to handle strangers taking pictures of my bad side while I was trying to work! After some serious contemplation, I ecided to go with the Chocolate Peanut Butter Epi Pen (soft serve chocolate ice cream, peanut butter, all dipped in chocolate and then coated with crushed salted peanuts).

soft serveI never knew that I could love soft-serve ice-cream so much! The atmosphere, the presentation, and most importantly the delicious tasting product forced me to return for seconds later on that same night! Best of all, they are open late, because ice-cream time is anytime, am I right? So to all my fiends enslaved to their candy crave and my artsy fartsy photographers, I would definitely recommend taking a trip to heaven and adding some Sweet Jesus to your life!


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