Kylie Jenners go to Mac Lipstick and Lipliner: Velvet Teddy and Whirl lipliner

Have you finally gotten your hands on the ever so popular Velvet Teddy lipstick? If not here is all you need to know about this outstanding colour. Not only is this one of the famous Kylie Jenners go to favourite lipstick, it is also one of Macs most popular lip product. This colour works on almost every skin tone! It is the most popular nude lipstick out there, with a mauve brown colour to it. Velvet Teddy goes on the lips so smoothly, and does not dry them out even though it does have a matte finish. For those of you who have yet to use a Mac lipstick, you will be more then pleased to know that Macs lip sticks all smell like a vanilla cupcake. Who can resist the smell of cupcakes being lathered on their lips? The hype around this lipstick is no joke. Velvet Teddy has a mauve finish which look beautiful for any occasion, fancy or casual and literally all year round. Whether it be on a warm summer day or a cold winter night Velvet Teddy defiantly is the perfect accessory for any outfit.

Velvet Teddy is a perfect match for almost any Mac lip liner. The number one go to lip liner for Velvet Teddy is Macs Whirl lip liner. Now most of you probably have not gotten the chance to purchase this liner yet, due to the fact that it is almost ALWAYS out of stock in Mac stores. Whirl lip liner is a pinkish- brown colour that can be worn with lipstick or just on its own. It is a long lasting colour that only needs to be applied once a day! Whirl lip liner is a perfect lip colour for an evening look considering its darker tones. Whirl lip liner matches with Velvet Teddy lipstick almost perfectly! These two products together look like a match made in heaven. Both Mac products have outstanding reviews, they are completely true to the hype.

There are a bunch of Kylie Jenner lipstick tutorials using these two products, so almost anyone can get the Kylie Jenner lip look..This link right here shows a demonstration of how to apply the lip liner and lip stick to get the Kylie Jenner look You tube offers a wide range of makeup tutorials that will also give you the Kylie Jenner lip look.. These two Mac lip products have received nothing but positive feedback on if you wanted to take a look at some feedback from Velvet Teddy and Whirl lip liner users I defiantly recommend taking a look at this website to view feedback on Mac products. Although both of these colours are hard to get your hands on due to their popularity, I most defiantly recommend Velvet Teddy lip stick and Whirl lip liner.

They are both must have product! If you are wondering if these products are worth the hype or not, I say you buy them and ind out for yourself that they are totally worth the hype! These are two products you can not go wrong with buying. Visit Macs website to take a closer look at these lip products! Stay tuned for my next blog on Macs make up!



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