I don’t pop molly; I rock Tom Ford…’s fragrances


By Billy Korekiyo, Humber College student, cologne enthusiast

Sunday, October 5, 2015

Have you ever walked into a room and smelled that one fragrance you instantly must own?
A Cologne so comforting and warm you feel as if you’remaxresdefault truly at home? Or even in the arms of a lover? Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford captivated me the instant I got my nose to it. While I was standing in Holt Renfrew at the cosmetics counter during the summer before last; I breathed in Tobacco Vanille, and this is how my love of colognes began.

My first experience of Tobacco Vanille started with a piece of paper in-hand and a sale associate who probably thought I was inebriated. I knew instantly my skin was made to be drenched in this intoxicating scent, inebriated or not. A warm, sweet, spicy vanilla and tonka bean cologne blended perfectly into opulence. All while balanced by the dark, heavy, and bittersweet clouds of expensive cuban tobacco leaves, just like an English gentleman’s club. This Ford exudes luxury and refinement for whichever season we’re in. Just thinking about it makes me want to open whisky-wallpaperup the unused (and still boxed) 100-ml bottle sitting on my dresser. Although, this is quite a bit of vanity for some smelly water, right?

Frankly, there aren’t a lot of things that bring me joy and happiness in this world. Okay there are, but why take away from my one true love? This cologne, regardless of my friendships or financial situation (yes I’m a broke student with a tast for fragrances exceeding $350) I think, justify my vanity. Let me live!

Now, with the testimonials aside, onto the mouth-watering feature of today, the beautiful Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford. I must admit, I don’t have the nose of a true perfumer, but I can attest for those who have not taken a good long whiff of this stuff, the note list is considerably shorter than mainstream colognes, only eight! If I really take my time to uncover this scent I can clearly identify each note. This is evident in the final product.

Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford compared to A*Men for Men by Thierry Mugler:

A*Men for Men is a similar in scent but has a list of 21 notes compared to Tobacco Vanille which only has eight.

shutterstock_126293285Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford
Top notes: Tobacco leaf and spicy notes. Middle notes: Tonka bean, tobacco blossom, vanilla, and cocao. Base notes: Dried fruits and woody notes.

A*Men for Men by Thierry Mugler

Top notes: Coriander, lavender, green, fruity, spicy notes, mint, and bergamot. Middle notes: Honey, patchouli, jasmine, milk, caramel, Lilly-of-the-Vally, and cedar. Base notes: Sandalwood, tonka bean, amber, Patchouli, musk, benzoin, vanilla, and coffee.

I have highlighted the notes that I can clearly distinguish in red. Eight out of eight from Tobacco
Vanille and six out of 21 from A*Men for Men. Simplicity must be working its magic here because I truly dread the ThierryMugler, due to its bombardment of notes which more than half of which I cannot distinguish. I call it a headache; avoid A*Men for Men at all costs! Classic-Tobacco

In contrast to the Thierry Mugler, each note in the Tom Ford has its own moment to shine, in
the wet all the way to the dry-down stages . Dry down refers to the scent absorbing into the skin and fading to reveal the layers of the scent. Top notes are delivered first, then middle and base notes respectively. My favourite part of the dry-down is the main event of the scent, when the sickly sweet vanilla combines
with the bitter heavy tobacco. Perfectly balanced to showcase the quality ingredients. If you haven’t sampled it yet, please do; it’ll blow your mind!

Now, how can I possibly preach this wondrous scent and not even use it? I’m savouring it! For five months I yearned for this cologne. I saved up enough money by Christmas from my part-time job to buy it as a gift to myself. Lets be real, no o
ne is buying me a +$300 cologne unless I’m really special to them. On Boxing Day,
2014 I drove myself to Holt Renfrew and marched for that cologne like it was the oxygen to my lungs (I was out of breath from all that marching) then to finally bring it home. This story basically brings us to current day; it’s still sitting there, taunting me, reminding myself of my impulsive decision to fill my need for smelly water.


Longevity: 10/10

Projection: 9/10

Overall review: 11/10

In the first paragraph of this post I asked two questions and I will pose them again.

1. Have you ever smelled a fragrance that instantly made you want to go buy it? If so, what was it? Please describe it.

2. Not necessarily a cologne, but what scent or scents make you feel at home?

Please feel free to request a review of your favourite or potential fragrance!

Hey Mrs. Carter!



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