How to host a hot party and keep it under control

Alyssa Vinogradova is a bachelor of public relations student at Humber College

October 6, 2015, 9 a.m.

Now that fall is officially here, there are many reasons to be sad and want to do nothing but stay at home curled up in a blanket binge watching Netflix. School is in full session, it’s getting colder outside every day, and you probably already started putting on some winter weight. This time of the year puts a lot of people in a bad mood. I get it. However, I encourage you to stop being a downer, look at the positives and prepare to enjoy the next few months as the holiday season is upon us. There are lots of occasions to celebrate – be it Thanksgiving, Halloween, US Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s… or simply a Saturday.

All of these holidays call for a good house party. I admire the nightlife scene Toronto has to offer: dining, clubbing, bar hopping and whatever else you can find out there. But for these particular holidays I recommend taking a breather and staying at home. Going out for these occasions is simply overrated. Speaking from personal experience, sometimes it’s just better to gather your closest friends, a few of their closest friends and a few strangers whose presence at your house you will forever question and just have a simple get together an epic party.

Unfortunately, it is common knowledge that there is a burden of tons of restrictions, fears and hesitations when it comes to throwing a killer house party here in Toronto. Who do I invite? What if it sucks? What if the cops show up? What if NO ONE shows up? Only few brave individuals dare to take on the responsibilities of organizing one. Luckily, I’m sharing my wisdom on how to succeed when you take on a challenge of letting a bunch of people get reckless at your place.

Here is a foolproof list of top 10 tips on hosting a sick party:

  1. Invite your neighbours

This is essential! They may or may not be the coolest people at your party, but this guarantees you won’t get any noise complaints and can keep the partying going long past 11 p.m.!

  1. Overstock on alcohol

There’s nothing worse than running out of liquor at a party. Plus if your party ends up being lame, at least no one will remember!

  1. Plan a few drinking games

Ensure you have the necessary equipment such as cards, ping-pong balls, plastic cups, etc. to keep your guests busy and entertained.

  1. Prepare music. Have a loud enough sound system

Since you intended to compete with the nightclubs your friends could’ve been attending on the weekend, then please ensure the sound system is at least half as good as the playlist. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than awkward silence.

  1. Prepare a good selection of music

Be considerate of your guests. Try to play a variety of music that will be enjoyed by everyone. Although you may love jamming to Taylor Swift track after track, maybe, JUST MAYBE, not everybody else does. (I don’t know why they wouldn’t but…)

Here’s a link to very precise (very nerdy) step-by-step instructions on how to make an appropriate music playlist if you really care that much.

  1. Guest list

I cannot stress it enough how crucial it is to make sure you invite the right people (and don’t invite the wrong people). The last thing you want is for a tension, or even worse, a possible conflict. You know your groups of friends. Be smart.

  1. Feed your guests

Do not be that host that doesn’t provide any food. Prepare some hors-d’oeuvres. Assemble a charcuterie board. Put some chips in a bowl you lazy son of a… One of the great things about attending a house party is the option of eating. Consider ordering good old pizza to treat your friends.

  1. Clean your home prior to the festivities.

Just get it done. Avoid any embarrassment.

  1. Befriend your security guard/concierge (if you live in a condo)

This is a lengthy process that involves effort prior to your party, but once you’re on the good side of your building’s security it will make all the difference in your house party career. If you play your cards right they may even direct your guests to your condo. Suite 1106? Right this way.

  1. Have a back up plan

In case of unprepared consequences, be prepared to take the party somewhere else. Know your neighborhood nightlife spots.

If you’re still not confident enough to throw a house party this weekend, here’s an additional article that should guide you further.

What parties have you thrown before? Please share your own tips or stories of successes and failures by commenting below.


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