How EDM is music and then some…

How does electronic dance music extend to a culture, and how does it affect you?

I like to think that when artists create music, they intend to touch a certain emotional chord inside of us. Their goal is to create a positive emotion that we can experience. Weather it be understanding a deep meaningful song, or dancing around to the latest pop track, they both evoke emotion from within us.

I know I may have an agreement from maybe 50 per-cent of my peers, when I say that electronic music touches a special chord within me. The other 50 per-cent of my peers may ask why on earth I would have such a deep connection to a genre of “music” that barely has words to go along with the synthesized sounds they are increasingly hearing all over the radio. In this case, I feel the need to explain the background of the ever-growing pop-culture of EDM.

Yes, this culture may have popularly emerged out of DJ’s remixing popular songs from their personal computer, and may still have that same reputation, but it grew to much more than that. Expanding to a greater variety and more depth within the EDM realm, talented artists with the ability to create songs [past and presently] use digital audio workstations (DAW), MIDI, personal computers and other peripheral devices to produce music of these genres. This ranged from techno and hardstyle to trance and of course the popular house music genre. Currently, there are hundreds of sub-genres within the main genres of EDM, including deep house, future-house, psy-trance, trap, liquid-trap, dubstep, and drum and bass. From the underground warehouse parties and after-hours clubs, electronica attracted hundreds of fans (and still do), all fascinated by the work one person could produce by themselves.
Everyone who seemed to attend these shows, or “raves” were in seek of an escape. An escape from the stressful world of work, school, and personal life problems. This type of music opened up the minds of listeners and entranced them into a state of bliss.
Tammy L. Anderson, associate professor at the University of Delaware, says, “Electronica brings life to places that lay dormant and offers optimism to the cynical.  In addition to the stimulation, electronic dance music fosters connection and shared identity.”  IMG_3100

Personally, the EDM shows I attend also help me to escape from reality, only if for a short time. They give me a sense of belonging to a certain group that shares the same passion for this music as I do. They help me to release tension and negative emotion I have inside and turn it into energy which I use to dance and “shake off” those unwanted feelings. I know I probably am not the only person with anxiety and other health issues in their lives, but raving and listening to the broad range of electronic music is a great outlet for me. When I enter the non-judgemental rave world, surrounded by great music even strangers feel like best friends and everyone feels like equals.  From the kandi-kids to the bass-heads, we all evoke similar emotions thanks to the producers we know and love.
Music can have such a great impact on us and gives us different meanings in which we relate to our personal lives. When you can immerse yourself into a type of music, whatever it may be, you can open your mind and senses and go beyond the physical aspects of the world, bringing euphoria into your life.

If you would like to know more about todays music culture and immerse yourself into the EDM world, I recommend visiting and my favourite blog site, Also, is a great website to explore interviews with, and bios of, producers from a broad range of background and experience, from the innovative bedroom producer to the industry renowned Grammy winning producers.

Also, the popular ‘music community’ website, is another amazing site to browse through different genres of music, including the genres of EDM.

So, what IS your opinion is on electronic music? Can you agree that it is “real music” or do you think it is just a hype and a cry for short-term fame?  Also, please comment on how any kind of music influences YOU!

a "kandi-kid" as mentioned
a “kandi-kid” as mentioned
world-known DJ Deadmau5 in front of music festival crowd
world-known DJ Deadmau5 in front of music festival crowd

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