Grab Your Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Cuddle Up, Fall TV Favourites are Back!

Alyssa Zoccoli is a student at Humber College, Bachelor of Public Relations, School of Media. 

Fall is back, and that means all things pumpkin flavoured, school starting up again, midterms around the corner, Thanksgiving and best of all, fall TV favourites are here again!  As school starts up in the fall, so does the hit television shows that we all love and have missed so dearly during the off-seasons. From Modern Family to Empire, The Flash to Arrow and Gotham, the fall tv return season is sure to please just about everyone. As the warm weather turns chilly, fall season start ups gives us a chance to be cuddled up on our couches with a pile of blankets and a bucket of popcorn with no fear of missing a beautiful warm sunny day.

With the return of all the hit comedy sitcom series for fall, there are also returns of our favourite hit drama series. Two of the major Canadian television companies CityTV and CTV release all of their highly rated shows starting mid-September to early October.

Are you a fan of comedy sitcoms? CityTV has plenty of hilarious and heart-warming shows in the lineup this year that will be sure to make you give thanks this fall. Starting with their fall release of the highly anticipated seventh season of Modern Family, will Haley and Andy end up together, how will Alex cope with moving to school? How will Phil cope with Luke growing up? How is the Pritchett family adjusting to life with a new baby? Will Mitchell and Cam decide to adopt the baby they’ve been hoping for? America’s favourite family goes through it all on the seventh season of Modern Family coming this fall.

Modern Family TM and © 2013 Fox and its related entities.

Tuesday line ups are perfectly set up for the viewer with a funny bone, but who also appreciates the seriousness of the new hit drama Empire. The second season of Empire hits televisions this fall, and viewers will finally get to see Cookie, Hakeem and Andre’s plans to overtake the family empire follow through.

Check out the season 2 trailer of Empire:

After falling back into the  family drama, lies, new hit original songs and jail time of the Lyon clan on Empire, you’ll be falling back in love with the Modern Family clan all over again, viewers can stick around to catch the laughs in the newest episode of black-ish, all starting with each new episode of Empire at 8pm eastern time Wednesday nights. Check out complete show listings and catch up on the drama and all the laughs with full episodes on  .

If you’re like me and three new episodes of the shows you love aren’t enough to keep you satisfied, or if CityTV programming doesn’t tickle your fancy, you can head over to CTV  and the CW this October to catch the latest episodes of The Flash, Gotham and Arrow, DC’s favourite primetime shows, or if you’re more of a Marvel comics fan like myself, don’t miss the newest Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D on CTV every Tuesday at 9pm after The Flash.

Catch Gotham Monday 8/7c

For all those who have been binge watching Grey’s Anatomy and feel lost now that its finished, worry not,  Grey’s is also starting up again with season 12 this fall, every Tuesday at 8p.m.  on CTV.


If you’re an avid fan of all the hit shows and find it stressful figuring out which show to watch over the other when there are similar running times, fear not, anyone with an internet connection(so anyone really!) can go to to catch up on full episodes an behind the scenes features with the cast as well as promos for next week’s episode.

If you are a The Bachelor fan, and can’t go another month without the romance drama and roses, well exciting news for you, the 20th season is returning as well this fall on ABC, along with Scandal, Once Upon a Time, The Muppets and How To Get Away With Murder. Find full episodes of these shows and more at

For a complete listing of the upcoming shows and the stations they’re playing on or to see if one of your faves made the cut this year in the fall line up, or got the cut, check out by clicking this link to a full fall series list.

With all the amazing shows in the fall line up there’s something for everyone, family, comedy, drama or superheroes, I for one am so excited about the return of the hit favourites. Stay tuned to my blog to hear about all the new episodes of your favourite shows(spoiler alert included now!) and to watch the recent trailers for new episodes in the upcoming weeks.

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