A cheat sheet to the perfect outfit for any occasion!

I don’t know about you ladies, but there are times where being fashionable every day is difficult. I run out of inspiration at the best and worst of times, and often find myself googling “what to wear for…”

Many will tell you it takes a certain “je ne sais quoi” to have the perfect outfit all the time. I am here to tell you that this is not so. All it really takes is a special formula and a bit of personal creativity.

Take note that there are a myriad of ways to change the formulas, but if you are ever stuck you can always turn to these!

  1. Dark Jeans + Black T-shirt + Ballet Flats + Blazer/Leather Jacket + Assorted Jewellery = Date Night, School, or Coffee Meeting

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This formula is a great everyday make up of clothes. Paired with a red lip and some bold lashes and accessories, you cannot go wrong. Classy, but easy to turn into something totally creative.

  1. Black Dress Pants + Dressy Shoe + Neutral Blouse + Statement Necklace = Work and/or Interview

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This formula is a classic. It feels simple, maybe even out-dated, but that is what makes it such a great canvas for experimentation. Play with colours and shapes: Can you wear a navy blue blouse with your black pants, and tie it in with a silver and navy necklace? Can you wear a flowy cropped blouse, or should you wear a more fitted one? Should you wear a classic black, pointed toe pump, or can you pull out a pair of red suede heels?

  1. Jewel Toned (Forest green, cobalt blue, berry) Swing Dress + Booties + Long Simple Necklace + Jacket (if necessary) = Date Night, School, Girl’s Brunch

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This formula involves universally flattering pieces (have you every tried on a swing dress? Comfy and flattering!) and has a million cool alternatives. Any necklace can be paired with this dress. Try a statement piece with lots of colours, and maybe some ribbon. Or have a long, dangling piece. Booties are my favourite shoe because there are so many options. Try a cool motorcycle bootie that is not too high and that you can last all day in. Or find a fun, sexy pair with more height to make it dressier.

  1. Shift Dress + FUN Shoes + Classy, Simple Jewellery = Wedding, Fancy Date Night, Work Party, Formal Work Dress

Pinghe_FW15_clothing_dresses_Cream_Voletta-Cashmere-Blend-Shift-Dress_640x960_v1_542029566 354X490TMPL 

This formula is another classic, but also fun to twist! Possibly one of the most wonderful inventions for the female body is the shift dress. The shift dress, in the right size, is one of the most flattering pieces you can own. If it hits the right spot on your knee, you can wear flats or heels. This dress can come in any colour, and comes in many kinds of materials. Bottom line is, you can not go wrong with the perfect shift dress. With the perfect, simple dress come the best combinations. Pick out your most fun pair of shoes, any colour, any shape, any height, and put them on with your dress. Match your jewellery. Put a blazer on, then take it off for drinks after work. With this formula you are golden, girl!

I am sure that you are completely capable of putting together an amazing outfit on your own! But I found that even writing this post for you guys made it more clear to me how you can follow simple, set steps and still leave tons of room to make it unique.

Let me know in your comments below your thoughts on how to put together the perfect outfit and also what you thought of these formulas!

Until next time,


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