10 Instagram accounts you should be following to know everything going on in T.O.

Chelsea Cabello, Public Relations student at Humber College

Toronto, T.O., the six…. Many names for a beautiful city and with a beautiful city comes many talented people. Instagram is a platform where I find that people are able to express themselves the best because it is all visually based. I myself am constantly on this app to find out what is new and hip in this wonderful city. The following users are all fantastic people to follow so you know what is going on in the six.

  1. @ZACHBIRDD – Freelance Photographer. Followers: 5514

Zach’s Instagram is filled with beautiful skyline and rooftop portraits of Toronto. He also captions all his pictures with very positive, upbringing messages bound to put a smil11917995_879407985470009_1954340464_ne on anyone’s face. On occasion he also travels to other major cities to provide us with a unique outlook. You should follow him if you would like remarkable shots of the city from unique angles that not everyone has the privilege of capturing.

Photo source: https://instagram.com/zachbirdd/

     11821317_1670410039862885_1711440978_n2.  @LAURDIY – D.I.Y Princess. Followers: 790K

This Toronto based YouTube vlogger has taken the DIY world on by storm with her quirky and fun videos, and her Instagram page is no different. Her Instagram consists of fun pictures and clips explaining some of her previous vlogs along with DIY tricks and giveaways. Follow Lauren if you want new and easy DIY tricks!

Photo Source: https://instagram.com/laurdiy/

3. @CHAMPAGNEPAPI – “6 God”. Followers: 13.3M

Although he may not be residing in Toronto 24/7 he is still one of the best Torontonians to follow on Instagram because of how m11352000_944155922289442_560825454_n(1)uch he adores the city that he grew up in. A few of the rapper’s previous posts display his surprise appearance at the Ryerson Frosh concert alongside Norm Kelly and the premiere party for his new Toronto restaurant Fring’s which is located on King St.

Photo Source: https://instagram.com/champagnepapi/

4. 12080410_1632848080336505_7603603_n@DOUGMCNISH – Vegan Foodie. Followers: 4646

Doug is a vegan chef who owns a restaurant on Marlee Ave in Toronto. His Instagram consists of wonderful vegan plates that any foodie would admire. He also puts the recipe in the captions so you are able to recreate these amazing plates. If you are a vegan or just in the mood to eat healthy I think you should follow Doug for the latest and greatest recipes!

Photo Source: https://instagram.com/dougmcnish/

5. @SOTEEOH – Unique View of the City. Followers: 57.9K

This Instagram account would be perfect to follow if you are an art lover. It is loaded with odd, interesting angles that intrigue all kinds of audiences.                                                                  He has an extremely unique eye for 12071261_504436156392554_1747569087_nthe true beauty that is in Toronto which we are lucky enough to see through his Instagram page.

Photo Source: https://instagram.com/soteeoh/

6. @STREETARTINTORONTO – Captures the City’s Street Art. Followers: 4685

The goal of this Instagram account is to capture the beauty of street art in Toronto. Many people are against street art saying how it should be removed, one of them being the former mayor Rob Fo10838714_719902284804587_738020970_nrd. I personally believe if they take a break to look at this Instagram account they could see the true beauty behind this form of art.

Photo Source: https://instagram.com/streetartintoronto/

7.  11372321_1638656296359351_193510286_n@VANESSACESARIO_ – Fashionista. Followers: 19.1K

Vanessa’s account is a perfect example of how to maintain a beautiful Instagram theme. You scroll through all her pictures capturing her beautiful clothes and posh dining restaurant experiences and every picture matches each other while following the black and white theme. She is pretty much every teenage female Torontonian’s fashion Instagram goals.

Photo Source: https://instagram.com/vanessacesario_/

8. @THANKYOUTORONTO – Account targeted to ending the homeless youth problem in Toronto. Followers: 32.8K

This is the Instag11326470_889140224455922_1480083843_nram account for a cause based clothing company. With every hat sold, the company provides a meal to someone in need. Overall, their main goal is to get the hashtag #ThankYouToronto circulating so more media spotlight can be brought to showcase this fantastic cause. I suggest you follow this account because it supports a great cause that is extremely evident in Toronto.

Photo Source: https://instagram.com/thankyoutoronto/

9. TASTETORONTO – Toronto Foodie. Followers: 107K

Another perfect Instagram account for Toronto food lovers to follow. This Instagram account travels around the city depicting the best places to eat. From bars to bake shops t11875315_142708012746410_2039967163_nhis Instagram account does it all. Especially if you are new to Toronto and are searching in hopes to find a good meal this Instagram account is designed for you!

Photo Source: https://instagram.com/tastetoronto/

11246405_1645246685716064_641082373_n10. @HUMANS_OF_TORONTO – Same aspect as @HumansofNewYork. Followers: 2426

This is a very similar account to Brandon Stanton’s extremely successful Humans of New York Instagram account, but instead of New Yorkers we get a unique insight to the lives of Torontonians. This instagram account walks around the city and takes a picture of every person they meet, where in the caption they share their unique story with us.

Photo Source: https://instagram.com/humans_of_toronto/

Is there any Instagram account you think I left out? Comment below!


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