Top touristic places in Latin America you have to visit before you die!

By Andres Chaux on March 25, 2015

Latin America is one of the most beautiful places in the world, the infrastructure of the cities and the natural landscapes are far from similar from the places you are used to visit in North America. You can find all kinds of temperatures, cultures, food, music and entertainment depending on the city, most of them are perfect for vacation time. Most of the touristic places in Latin America are underrated due to factors like people thinking they are dangerous or simply because they have never heard of the place before. Some destinations are not as famous as European places like Paris or London but are places where you could have an amazing time and usually at lower costs.

People from North America, especially in Toronto have a misguided idea about South America. Just by following stereotypes and believing them does not mean it gives you enough knowledge to understand fully how a place is, if you have never been to South America you have no idea of what you are missing out, trust me!. People believe that all Latin America revolves around Mexico and their culture, the stereotype of Mexicans wearing sombreros and eating tacos is automatically applied to anyone from the Spanish culture. In reality, all of the countries in Latin America have little to no similarities with the Mexican community besides the language, South America has such an extensive area that it is very ignorant to say it is all the same.

The fact that some countries are going through economic difficulties does not mean they do not have amazing places to visit. Actually, the fact that some countries are having economic problems is an advantage to visitors from North America, it just means that you can buy more with the dollars you have in your pocket, unlike Europe where everything is expensive.

I f you are looking to escape from the cold and enjoy the hot weather near the beach, here are some amazing places you can go and their main aspects:

  • Cancun-Mexico: Beaches, Snorkeling, honeymoon, scuba diving, golf, partying
  • San Andres Island-Colombia: Beaches, Nightlife, Surfing, Water sports, Food
  • Varadero-Cuba :Beaches, Honeymoon, Cheap prices
  • Punta Cana-Dominican Republic: Beaches, Honeymoon, Golf, Casino, Flamenco
  • Rio de Janeiro-Brazil: Beaches, Samba, Architecture, Culture
  • Isla Margarita-Venezuela: Beaches, Windsurfing, Kite surfing, Shopping, Surfing
  • Acapulco-Mexico: Beaches, Nightlife, Surfing, Water sports
  • Jaco-Costa Rica: Beaches, Surfing, Casino
  • Tayrona -Colombia: Beach, Natural park, Water sports, food
  • Cartagena-Colombia: Beaches, Nightlife, Architecture, Shopping

These are the main beaches in Latin America where I guarantee you will have a good time, if you want to expand your search and look for more places to visit you can click on the following links:

Besides the amazing beaches in South America, you can also visit the following places to have a good experience

Iguazu Falls, Argentina/Paraguay/Brazil

It’s made up of 275 waterfalls to make up one of the biggest falls in the world, so big that they are located in the border between three countries. The biggest drop is a frightening 80 metres.

Bogota, Colombia

A large city with incredible history, amazing nightlife, and tons of touristic places

Machu Picchu, Peru

A place that is unique and nothing similar to places in North America, it is a legacy of ancient Inca civilization and incredible landscapes.

Punta del Este, Uruguay

A very modern city with an incredible beach that divides Argentina and Uruguay

Tikal, Guatemala

At this place you can relive the Mayan civilization and understand their history. You can explore the jungle and have a very different experience

Cerro Negro, Nicaragua

At this place you can have a unique experience by exploring the black sandy slopes of one restless volcano in the middle of Central America.

Galápagos Islands, Ecuador

An archipelago with perhaps the most fascinating bio marine reserve in the southern hemisphere.

Sau Paulo, Brazil

A very advanced and modern city with incredible architecture, especially bridges.

Cartagena, Colombia

A port city on the northern coast of Colombia that will bring you the relaxation you need. Its history is reflected in every landscape and has one of the most amazing beaches in the world

What other places in Latin America do you think should also be included in the list?

One thought on “Top touristic places in Latin America you have to visit before you die!

  1. Juliee Lovee April 15, 2015 / 9:54 pm

    I would totally have to agree with you that Latin America is one of the most beautiful places in the world! I am a big fan of nice beaches, great weather and an all around beautiful atmosphere. Further, it is also great to see that you addressed the issue of stereotypes and ignorance that people tend to associate Latin American culture. If you could advocate against stereotypes further how would you do it? I also enjoyed that you describe the diverseness of the different locations people may want to escape to. I personally have been to Mexico and several places in Cuba, and since my best friend is originally from Brazil I cant wait to go there next. As you mentioned Cuba generally has cheaper prices for travel and one can still have a fantastic time. However as a student would you advise to take a cheaper trip for a quick getaway or would you save up for a while to go somewhere you’ve been dreaming of going? Out of the numerous options you have listed, where have you been and where was your favourite? What are your top three reasons for going back? Contrary, what are some places you have been to that you don’t plan to return to, and what are the reasons for that? If traveling is one of your passions as it is mine, what are you top picks of places around the world that you think are fine? Would you consider El Salvador or Nicaragua as places you may want to see as well? If so check these out, you’ll probably enjoy them without a doubt!


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