How I made my dad cry on his birthday (In a good way). – Sixty-Five Years of Memories.

Byline: Erika Ceneda is a fourth year fashion management student at Humber College.

This past Monday was my dad’s 65th birthday. My sisters and I wanted to do something really special for him since we could tell he has been super #emo lately about turning the big 6-5. Since the senior breakfast special wasn’t enough to cheer him up, we decided to go deeper. A little #DIY was in order. We we’re going to try and create “65 Years of Memories” by filling 65 envelopes each with a memory each that his friends and family have of him. No one can resist a little nostalgia right?


With the help of my mom breaking into my dad’s computer, we sent out an email to all his friends, family, old co-workers, even to his car mechanics. We waited anxiously a few weeks, but than the replies started coming in. There were so many memories, and they were all so lovely. Memories from every decade between now and the day my dad was born. My sisters and I were so overwhelmed with the positives response; we had to combine multiple memories in one envelope. People we didn’t even know or hadn’t seen my dad in years sent in memories. Some people handwrote them and sent them in the mail, some including photos. Each time a new one arrived, our hearts filled with love. We knew this was going to get my dad real good.

On the night of my dad’s birthday, after dinner and presents and cake, we gave him our gift. My dad isn’t one to get emotional, but lets just say he was flabbergasted. Although it took forever to get through 65 envelopes, (I might have feel asleep around the 50th one) it was so fun to hear old stories and watch my dad smile each time he opened a new memory. There was a lot of laugher and, believe or not, real tears too.

PS I can’t take credit for this #DIY, we of course went to Pinterest for this one.
PS I can’t take credit for this #DIY, we of course went to Pinterest for this one.

It turned out this project was just as special to my sisters and I as it was for my dad. Each memory gave us a different picture of our dad (some a little #TMI) and we got to relive these moments with him. My sisters and I succeed into giving him one of the best birthdays ever. On the plus side, I will be in his good books for the next month, which is the perfect time to ask for that new jacket I want.

Has anyone else made a memory book for a loved one? Would love to hear your story in the comments below!

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