Five Spring Staples to Steal From Your Boyfriend’s Closet immediately – 7* for those who are brave.

Byline: Erika Ceneda is a fourth year fashion management student at Humber College.

For the past months, menswear-inspired looks have taken over the runway and dominated all street style clothes. From oversize tops to jogging pants, this spring’s fashion has broken the barrier between men and women’s apparel. This trend will make your spring transition that much easier for two reasons. One, we can hide that extra winter body weight for a few months longer, and two, you can solve all your wardrobe needs by finding the answer right next to you – your boyfriend. By borrowing 5 key items from your boyfriends’ closet you wont spend a dime this spring. This might be the best use for your boyfriend yet.

Listed below are the top 5 Spring Staples to steal from your boyfriend’s closet immediately or 7 Spring Staples for those girls who are brave enough to get real deep into their boyfriend’s stuff.

1. White button up shirt.


Chances are you have stolen a boyfriend’s button down as a “morning – after” fashion fix, but that button down will is good for much more much more. It’s great with a pair of ripped jeans or if big enough worn as a shirtdress.

2. Oversize coat.

2Oversize coats and jackets are everywhere right now, and an oversize option from your boyfriend’s closet is perfect for draping over your shoulders or over a feminine piece for a nice contrast.

3. Linen t-shirt.


You wont get enough of a linen tee. It has the perfect drape; it’s soft and super flattering.

4. Boyfriend jeans.


Take a break from your skinnies with this spring staple. Almost as comfortable as sweat pants, you’ll want to live in them for days.

5. Baseball hat.


Bad hair day? No explanation needed.

If you dare…

6. Boxers.


Now for some this might be a little too intimate, but with the right crop top and bottom, it can be a sexy little addition to your outfit. Adrianne Ho is proof enough.

7. Sneakers.


Not applicable to all, but if you are one of the lucky ones who can get away with wearing your boyfriends sneakers, do it.

(Images in order from Style Caster, Style Halk, Style By Kling, Fashion Wows, Whydidyouwearthat, Sweat The Style, The Trend Spotter.)

Thoughts on stealing your boyfriend’s clothes? Comment below!


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