KPOP: Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry…

ME: STAPPPPPPP!!!! #ProblemsBeingAK-POPFan

By: Farihah Chowdhury is a social media specialist and writer on K-POP culture

K-POP is probably the best and worst thing that has ever happened to me. I was able to meet so many cool people and make such great friends, but it has also slowly started to ruin my life. How many times have you ever danced out randomly in public to your jam, have your bias group make a comeback the same time as your exams, forget about sleep, or have had your ovaries exploded a million times over? Well…. welcome to my life ladies and gentlemen. This is me in an everyday regular bases.

I think the best, or worst part (depending on how you look at it) would probably be all the engrish in K-POP that acts as triggers in my everyday life. I’m sure some of you K-POPPERS know what I’m talking about.  Now there are a million songs and engrish references out there and if I were to list them all (well you’d probably will be reading this blog post for the rest of your life.)  Down below I have listed probably the most famous (or some of you probably think the most over used) K-POP references that I tend to use in my everyday life.

Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry

Ttanttan ttanttada tta ttaranttan Ttanttan ttanttada tta (how many of you guys actually sang along to the beat of that) Oh Super Junior, I’m sure this comes as no surprise to many K-POPPER. The number of times had to apologize for something and automatically start to rub my hands together and sing. OTL

Super Junior: Sorry, Sorry 


Rain….. THE END! Let’s move on. This picture down below basically sums up what I need to say about Rain. I’m sure every K-POPPER would want some Korean rain 😉


What Time Is It?

OMG this is the worst. Every time whenever someone ask me what time is it, the hottest in me can’t help but yell out “IT’S THE HOTTEST TIME OF THE DAY IT’ 2PM!!!!” Please don’t tell me that I’m the only 2PM fan who does this?

Why So Serious?

Now I’m sure when a non K-POPPER hears this, they will automatically think of the joker from batman, however, if you’re a K-POPPER (depending if you’re a Big Bang or SHINee bias) You’ll probably starting singing why so serious? In my cause I love GD and if someone is getting to uptight with me, instead of telling them to calm down I would say: “Why So Serious… GET YOUR CRAYON!”

Big Bang: (G-Dragon Solo) Crayon

SHINee: Why So Serious


Back in high school (in my advanced functions class) when the teacher would ask me to solve a function up on the board, after I solve the problem, I would sing “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah this is how we do it, pure love F(x)!” (I’m sure every F(X) fan will feel me on this)


Okay so out of everything I listed, I would say that Junsu’s engrish is the best thing in the world, and I love using it in my everyday life. For instance, if it’s a bright sunny day, and the sun is so hot, and is shining brightly on my face (to the point it gets really annoying) to describe that I would just say “OH MY GOD SUN!” Or, if it’s been a really long day and I’m all worn out and someone asks me how I’m feeling, I’d simple respond with “Tired! Hungry! Headache!”

Here are some of Junsu’s funny English moments: 


  • A.P: “I Got The Power” ß Me charging my phone
  • MBLAQ: “Jeonjaengiya” (This Means War) ß Me when I declare war on someone
  • Big Bang “WOW Fantastic Baby” ß Me when I’m being sarcastic
  • 2PM: “shipjeom manjeome shipjeom” (10 Out Of 10) ß Me when I score perfect on a quiz
  • SS501: “I’m obsessed with you” ß How I express my love to people

(As I mentioned this list can go on forever.)

Once you enter the K-POP world there is no going back. It’ll slowly start consuming your life and bring you much joy, and happiness, but it’ll also torture you the point K-POP will be the only thing you think about. Okay I’m going a little bit over board with this, but K-POP is really a big part of my life. Some people turn to drugs, sex, smoking, or drinking to help deal with their lives. For me K-POP is my outlet, and a way I choose to escape my crazy life.

Please let me know down below in the comments is you agree or disagree with me? How has K-POP ruined your life? I would love to hear from you!


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