Top Amazing Chinese Food in Toronto

Humber International student (China), Zihao Ding, 4 Feb 2015

Toronto is a multicultural city in the world, a large number Chinese people living in Toronto, everyone knows that is a amazing thing happen in Toronto. There is a biggest China Town on Spadina St and Dundas St, I like anything from China town, and you can find restaurants and supermarkets, really different between local restaurants and supermarkets. I think all the people living Toronto have been Toronto China town, because everyone can find some food or market suit himself or herself, actually I’m a Chinese people, and I will go to China town once a week, why I really like go to China town, because there are some food you can not image, that is really amazing for food. Of course the Chinese amazing foods are not all in China town, I will give you guys some devoted suggestions.

Let’s know some top foods

Chinese Dumpling House

(1) 3636 Steeles Ave E, Unit 112, Markham

(2) 505 Hwy 7 E, Unit 89-90, Thornhill, ON

If we talk about Chinese food, the first one will be dumpling, everyone knows in Chinese food we cannot lose dumpling, and this food is really cheep and delicious for everybody, and when you go to this restaurant which is Chinese Dumpling House, you can eat a lot of things when you eat dumpling, why I say that you can eat different food in the restaurant, the fist thing is dumpling, there are two different way to cook dumpling, steam and fry, everyone can choice by yourself. I really love the fry dumpling; because you will feel different texture in a dumpling, top is soft and the bottom is hard, this is amazing create in the world. In this restaurant also have a lot of sides, which from really traditional way from China, if you want to find really good Chinese dumpling and traditional Chinese sides, you do not lose this restaurant.


HIPOT – Daoxiang Hot Pot

350 Highway 7 E, Toronto, ON

Hot pot is big part of Chinese restaurant, that is a easy way to get amazing food, but the first condition is you can eat hot food, from my opinion if you eat hot pot which is really spicy, you can feel the delicious food, if you just use the soup which like water, you cannot feel the really hot pot in the restaurant. Chinese people love hot pot when the winter coming, so in Toronto’s winter the hot pot is the first choice. When you eat hot pot at winter, you will feel warm on your heart. All you can eat, beef, pork, seafood, vegetable and some frozen side, all of those things you can put in the hot pot.

Yang’s Fine Chinese Cuisin

9665 Bayview Ave, Toronto ON

Cantonese cuisine is very famous dish, the characteristic is fresh and brisk, beef and seafood is main menu in the restaurant, if people hit hot pot, the Cantonese cuisine will be best choice. They always use steam and fry to cook food, keep the brisk flavor in the food material. That is really health food in China that will help people keep fit.


ms ms-3 l l-2

1825 Dundas St E, Toronto ON

That is a Sinkiang restaurant; the main food is lamb and chicken. Lamb BBQ, lamb soup and lamb rice, I really love this restaurant which can eat meat like a lion, because they use big lamb to cook and the quantity is big for every dish, very traditional Sinkiang dish in the restaurant, what mysterious Sinkiang will bring to you, the restaurant will give you a surprisems-5o-3


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