Saved by the Bell Reunion Review: Jimmy Fallon…. the “King” of 90’s reunions.


Carly Lerner is a student at Humber College currently enrolled in the media studies course

With the 90’s trends rolling in to our decade, it appears that a lot of 90’s reunions are now being held today. Personally, reunions are like a time Capsules. The older something is, the more it’s worth and more appreciated in the future. Today it seems that the new trend is seeing our favourite stars come back as their old characters from TV shows or movies that were most memorable to us as a kid. But how can one show take place so long ago but have a greater appreciation for it today after having just one reunion?


About a month ago, Jimmy Fallon brought back the cast of Saved by the Bell to do a reunion on the Tonight show and it was absolutely a huge jaw dropping moment by how Jimmy Fallon put together this reunion so well. Not only did the fans feel like they went back in time, but it looked like the cast members and Jimmy Fallon were having a “blast from the past” moment as well. The cast also captured their characters personality perfectly and made it seem like they have been playing the parts their whole lives. Although some characters were not there such as Lisa Turner and Samuel (aka: Screech) Powers, it was still a reunion that fans would remember for years.

It was outstanding to see how the set and characters lojimmy-fallon-saved-bell-reunionoked exactly how it was back in the 90’s, it almost seems that they haven’t aged a bit…..well except for Mr Belding of course. There wasn’t a dull moment where the audience wasn’t screaming and enjoying every minute of it. This outstanding skit made it seem as though the show “came back to life” the minute Zack Morris made his grand entrance. There were flashbacks moments right, left, and centre as the skit was going on. The first flashback was when young Jimmy Fallon and Zack Morris referenced the Saved by the Bell theme song which was a great and fun way to open the skit. Seeing Zack and young Jimmy Fallon taking out an old 90’s Phone was funny and unbelievable to see how long ago this show was made. And Wow! Who could forget Slater’s dancing. However, this reunion wouldn’t be the same without Zack Morris going into “Time out” mode. Finally the flashback that ended with a bang was none other then the song “Friends Forever” which was sung by the whole cast in the sketch.

Not only was it amazing that this skit included many flashbacks from the original show but there were some hidden jokes that were incorporated as well that had to do with the actors itself. For example, Zack makes fun of Slater after his dance and quotes “ Wow Slater with those moves you can be a contestant on Dancing with the Dweebs” which also refers to Mario Lopez who was a contestant on Dancing with the Stars. Even young Jimmy Fallon got teased for having a dream about moving to New York to become a famous comedian and hoped to one day date Nicole Kidman. Zack Morris also made an unbelievable thought towards Jessie Spano that she could become a stripper. That reference was based on the movie Show Girls that Elizabeth Berkley stared in. And Lastly, who could forget the moment when Kelly Kapowski tells Zack that he got her pregnant thinks he might get grounded for life but also finds it cool that he got her pregnant. This hilarious reference was put there due to Tiffani Thiessen being pregnant in real life.

1423150735_saved-by-the-bell-zoom-1These days, it seems that people are more interested in the old TV shows rather than today’s shows which is why more shows from the 90’s are having reunions.Its amazing to think why 90’s shows can have such a huge impact on so many people after so many years. Still, do you think the thought of having reunions for TV shows that we watch today could have the same affect to people in 25 years?


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