5 Ways to Remember Your Teenage Years

Zinet Mustafovski is a Humber College student in the advanced diploma program and always a teen at heart

The problem with our generation now is that almost everyone has smart phones that we take pictures and videos on but most of the time these memories never go beyond your cellphone or social media accounts. The pictures are usually never kept, and once a phone is lost usually the memories are lost with it. Especially growing up and going into our teenage years, no teen or young adult has the time or money to print their pictures and put them into a photo album. There are different ways to document your years besides photo albums and here are some creative ideas to help you keep your memories alive;

1. Scrapbooking

A more creative way than a photo album to help keep your memories alive is scrapbooking! Scrapbooking is also great because it provides a creative outlet for young people as well as a way to keep your memories. When you’re stressed, kill two birds with one stone and create a scrapbook!


A yearbook is like a scrapbook that’s already made for you! Yearbooks have pictures of most of the people in your life without having to ever lift a finger. When you’re older and want to show friends or family pictures from your past, just pull out your yearbook and you can show them your whole high school experience.

3. Diaries

No matter how many pictures you have sometimes you just can’t remember how you actually felt at the time of these images. Diaries fix this problem, and not only gives you a visual memory, but it reminds you of what you felt while growing up. Reading back on a diary and remembering these feelings can be a great reminder of what you’ve learned growing up, and remind you that these lessons didn’t just happen, you learned the long and hard way.

4. Keep in touch with your high school buddies

The best way to remember experiences is talking about them with your friends. There’s a reason it’s called “re-living”. If you ever feel nostalgic all you have to do is call or message a friend for dinner and talk about some good old times, as well as creating some great new ones too!

5. Talk to your parents

Your parents will probably still be around when you’re older (even if it’s just at Christmas) and asking them to recall some good memories can never fail. They loved you and raised you and will always remember your milestones. Talking to them while you go through everything can only help to better remember these milestones.

We all become a little too busy to keep printing pictures and putting them in a photo album to look back at, but in reality there’s so many different ways we can remember these teenage years, that all too often get a picture stored in a cell phone and forgotten about forever after that. Do you think that there’s any other ways people could save these memories? Do you think people should just stick to the traditional photo album method? Tell us what you think in the comments section!


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