Top Three Game Changing Albums in Country Music

By: Riley Welch, writer and student at Humber College

Everyone has a song that brings them back to a certain moment in time. It brings emotion, excitement, and memories. It could bring back a smell of baroque or that feeling of seeing your favourite artist for the first time. The game-changing album for myself was Luke Bryan’s ‘Crash My Party’ album. His song ‘Rollercoaster’ brings me back to a family vacation. I’ll never forget the noise of the waves chasing onto the shore. Who doesn’t love that sound, right?! Here are the top three game changing albums:

  • Dierks Bentley – Riser

Dierks Bentley isn’t a new comer to the country music scene. He has released nine studio albums that including ‘Riser.’ He’s known for hit singles like ‘Free and Easy’ and ‘Home’. Throughout his career he was always know as the underdog or could be overlooked in certain areas. Every artist has a certain song or album that pushes them into superstardom.

In 2015, Dierks Bentley released his best record to date. ‘Riser’ had something that he hasn’t had in years. When listening to his record you can feel the pain that he went through when he lost his father. His first single off of ‘Riser’ was called ‘I Hold On’. It was about his father and how they shared a moment driving in his pick up truck. The lyrics are raw emotions, for an example:

What they don’t know is my dad and me–
We drove her out to Tennessee
And she’s still here and now he’s gone
So I hold on.”

After this single, Dierks didn’t slow down. He later on released the summer hit ‘Drunk On A Plane’…I’m not making this up! After this single was released fans started to dress like the pilot in the music video when attending his concerts. They even used that as a Halloween costume. You’ll see what I mean after watching this:

The Arizona native is on his ‘Riser Tour’ that goes across North America. We can only think of what he does when he flies to shows!

  • Keith Urban – Fuse

Keith Urban is a world entertainer and a guitar god. He’s currently a judge on the hit TV show ‘American Idol.’ On Idol Urban showed his true talent when he picked up the guitar and he played with a contestant.

He took Sam Smith’s hit song ‘Stay With Me’ and turned it into his own version. Watch here to see:

The aged old question in country music is who’s a better guitar player Keith Urban or Brad Paisley? What do you think?

In 2013, Keith Urban released his latest studio album called ‘Fuse’. Two years later and he’s still releasing singles off of ‘Fuse’. In my opinion, ‘Fuse’ brought him into a different level in music. It showed that he has a different style and feel compared to his other work. His first single of off ‘ Fuse’ is called ‘Little Bit of Everything’. If you’re a Keith Urban fan you’ll hear the difference. Urban’s record is a rollercoaster of emotion. It’ll take your emotions through a journey with the upbeat tempos to the slower ballots.

Keith Urban’s new single is called ‘Rise ‘Em Up’ that features Country’s superstar Eric Church is a smash hit. Like Dierks Bentley, Keith puts emotion into his songs. In ‘Rise ‘Em Up’ the lyrics have a bone shaking feel, such as:

Black umbrellas in the pourin’ rain
Sunday morning coming down
Amazing Grace
Lift those tear-filled eyes up to the sky
And as the flag flies say goodbye
Tonight we’re gonna raise em’ up”


The Australian guitarist will be putting out record after record in the coming years. I strongly believe there’s a lot more music coming our way soon. ‘Fuse’ is a corner stone in his legendary career. How do you feel about Keith Urban’s style of music?

  • Eric Church

The hell raiser Eric Church has become one of Country’s go to artist in the past couple of years. I think Eric is different from the other artists because he’s poet when he writes. Church does have songs that are about drinking and among other things but he’s a true professional writer.

This link is about when Eric Church was transitioning from his number one album ‘Chief’ to his latest album ‘The Outsiders’. Goes into how he approaches a song when he’s in the studio. Check it out:

‘The Outsiders’ has been nothing but great for Church and his team. He’s been having hit single after hit single. This album shows Eric Church being Eric Church. In the video he said he’s not trying to be a 20 year old he’s writing about what he’s going through right now.

Eric Church is the furthest from being done in music. The real question is who’s taking Eric to Church? Hoizer?

What do you think?! This is my opinion about game changing albums. Who’s your game changer?

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