How to Feel Empowered With Yoga

Byline: Melissa DeSantis , a yoga enthusiast and a public relations student at Humber College.


Do you want to be moved in ways that you haven’t before? Or allow your breath to take your mind beyond its own limitations? With yoga, you can unite your mind and body and feel empowered with every move. I recently tried hot yoga for the first time about 2 months ago and I haven’t stopped since. Laying in a 40 degrees Celsius dimmed room while stretching into positions, allowing your body to open and relax is very soothing but challenging. I quickly learned yoga is not just a relaxing and calm practice; I always feel sore after I attend my hot yoga class every Monday.   Yoga has helped me in many ways, physically, mentally and emotionally. I am excited to share with you my personal experience with yoga and give you more detailed information on this lovely and empowering exercise.

There are many types of yoga, here is a list of the 9 most popular yoga practices. There is a yoga style for everyone.

Yoga is all about letting go, slowing down and focusing on your breathing. With these three steps, you will feel at peace and rejuvenated when the class is over. By concentrating on the movements with the calming meditation music in the background, you will begin to feel your consciousness slow down. Without pushing or straining any muscles, your body will open up and allow you to stretch out all your muscles. I was pleasantly surprised to know that I could stretch in places I didn’t know could be stretched. Coming from an inflexible person, I find with hot yoga, it is much easier to stretch in the hot temperature because your body warms up with the steamy air.

If you want to get in touch with your body while achieving an intense workout, then give yoga a try. Yoga is not limited to people of age, size or gender; everyone is welcome. Here are 7 reasons why you should start yoga today.

Do not be intimidated by the head stands and other crazy poses. Yoga
is all about developing a strong sense of self, body and mind. (JoinWellness,2014) Many people have are skeptical of yoga, just like myself when I began this practice. It is easy to be intimidated by the intense positions and movements. With the comfort of each yoga instructor, I quickly learned that in yoga, there is no judgment. If you simply do not feel comfortable reaching a certain position, you can just sit back and join again when you wish. The comfort of everyone in the room also complements the soothing aspect of yoga; you are all in it together, to learn and better yourselves as individuals.

Yoga is all about the self and self growth.
Yoga is all about the self and self growth.

Yoga is truly about self-realization, freedom and balance. While bringing awareness to each movement, it allows us to achieve a greater state of consciousness while growing strength that ultimately builds a feeling of empowerment. Yoga has taught me many lessons and is now my new passion that I cannot live without. I hope to have inspired you to try yoga some day. After all, there are no limits when it comes to improving the mind, body and soul. How do you wish to improve your consciousness?
Check out my previous post on how to create more “you” time to improve your overall character. www.MelissaDeSantis/


3 thoughts on “How to Feel Empowered With Yoga

  1. brittfarquhar April 6, 2015 / 5:36 pm

    Enlightening blog post Melissa! Once you try hot yoga you never go back. Hot yoga is my go to yoga classes, and I totally agree that it allows you to stretch more easily in a hotter setting. The number one tip I have for anyone attending a hot yoga class for the first time is to bring a towel (they weren’t kidding when they say HOT). Guaranteed you will sweat buckets and you won’t want to be playing slip-n-slide all over your yoga mat! If you want a step-by-step timeline of someone’s thought process while in a hot yoga class, I suggest checking out this funny buzzfeed post
    Many use yoga as a form of fitness but it is a perfect way to relax for an hour and let go. It is a great stress reliever for students, as I noticed it is quite a popular class held at the Humber gym. However, I use yoga to meditate and just turn off my brain for a bit. Sometimes I’m not in the mood for a class and just set up my yoga mat in my bedroom, put on a zen 8tracks playlist and sit in a lotus position while clearing my mind. Personally I use it as a relaxer before bed, but I’m thinking of trying to do it in the mornings to pump me up for day. Any suggestions to motivate ourselves for an early morning rise for yoga?

    Brittany, a Toronto-based travel enthusiast and a junkie for inspiring mantras.


    • melissadesantis April 10, 2015 / 5:49 pm

      Glad you enjoyed reading Brittany! Yes I can definitely agree to bring a yoga towel to put on top of your yoga mat when attending a hot yoga class. I learned the hard way; my first class I could barely hold a downward dog position because my hands and feet were sliding everywhere! I myself also use yoga as a relaxing activity. I typically do my yoga at the end of the day where I can relax from my busy schedule.

      However, yoga can also be a great morning booster to motivate and start your day off right and also wake your body. To get motivated with early morning yoga I would suggest adding in core or arm exercises into your yoga practice therefore your body will not feel as tranquil if you were to do yoga in the evening.

      Here is a helpful YouTube video on a energizing morning yoga routine that will stretch out your muscles and mentally prepare you for your day.

      Melissa DeSantis, a yoga enthusiast and a Public Relations student at Humber College.


  2. elizabeth April 14, 2015 / 11:53 am

    Finally a blog post that gets me! It’s great to see people of a younger crowd using exercise to get in touch with their own bodies. I know in todays society it is difficult for young women to feel confident and empowered with themselves physically and mentally and yoga is one of those amazing outlets that really help.
    Hot yoga is found in some many places now a days, and signing up for a class is so easy. Your spin on “letting go” and “me” time is really what yoga is all about, and it is important for people to really get to know themselves as this understanding is what translates as confidence outside the yoga studio.
    I’ve been to a few hot yoga classes and although they are pricey, students usually get a discounted fee. Bikram Yoga in downtown Toronto offers students a fee of $49.99 a month giving you a drop in opinion to over 5 classes a week. They also have the unlimited package for $99 for the avid yoga enthusiast.
    It’s important to note that when doing hot yoga hydration is the key! I hope to do some more hot yoga in the summer. Check out the site I have linked I think you’ll find some inspiring testimonials that really shine light on the benefits of yoga!
    Elizabeth Voss, A Public Relations student at Humber College


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