Art of Communicating With Supervisors in Workplace


Yun-Yih Chen is a social media specialist and student at Humber.

When I was working in a repairing station, there was an intern who always talked to his colleagues in rude manner and trying to show off his strong family background to our leaders in the customer service department. The manager considered that he was young and still don’t know how to get along with others in the workplace, so she did not make any punishment on him. However, the store manager was running out of patience and the kid was kicked out of the station since the intern directly threatened her if she do not hire him, or he will make the manager lose her job. No matter how wealthy your family is, subordinates in the workplace have to show a certain ethical behaviour to their superiors and cannot beyond their identity especially when they are talking to leaders. As an employee, how do we maintain good communication with superiors to be appreciated?

Communicating with people in workplaces is important, especially to communicate with supervisor. If you do not master the certain conversation skills, then it’s easily to offend your supervisor. No matter in what kind of occasion, we should pay always be competent communicators. Employees should pay attention when communicating with executives that superiors are ordinary people. They also want to be able to respect their subordinates and be able to communicate with them as colleagues.

As an employee, it is common to deal with superiors, but most of the staff are feelings about their bosses like kings and bears often worry their keepers since employees are unable to discern component’s intentions. Thus, the staff is always cautious when they are talking to their components. In fact, this doesn’t means you must not touch the bear’s butt but how to touch, which requires employees to understand communicating and language using skills. When the director is managing their staff or subordinates, they would not want people to second-guess their thoughts. This is because that if there is any staff do this, it might disturb the people and lead to obstacles occur in the leadership’s work.

There is no director who would like their subordinates to be domineering, that will only make them feel threatened and the employee will not get promoted easily. When communicate with the director employees have to learn to express themselves clearly. The sound should be loud, statement to be user-friendly, and let the director quickly understand the meaning. Moreover, everyone knows how to speak, but the vivid words can bring different results. Not everyone can leave a good impression to the leader or director through the process of talking, especially when communicating with the competent, good use of speaking skills is particularly important. Director hold the power of employees’ life or death; if employees make a careless mistake when talking to directors, the consequences can become unimaginableU10993P1275DT20140805145256.

In conclusion, when communicating with the supervisor, people should pay attention to certain communication skills. Do not blindly communication with the director, nor to any of the principles to communicate with the director, otherwise it is easy for director to feel threatened by you, and they will stay away from you so that your career development will be limited. Therefore, people in the workplace should be careful for the skills of communicating with the director, so it can ensure their career more smoothly.


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