5 Reasons Why You Cannot Miss NXNE 2015

  1. You aren’t going to find a festival this cheap anywhere elseWristbands for the festival retail for 50 dollars as we speak. Although the price goes up as the festival approaches, the cost of a wristband to most festivals is usually at least 200 bucks. Not to mention with the abundance of shows happening during the festival, if you go to 3 shows you’ve already paid off your wristband so personally I see no reason not to buy a wristband.


  2. The line up is extremely diverse and ahead of the curveIf you look at the line ups of the competing festivals in Canada, you’ll notice that they seem to be one year behind NXNE. Most of their headliners were headliners for NXNE’s previous festivals and half of the artists played NXNE last year. This means that while paying a fraction of the price you’re getting to see and discover artists that are more than likely going to be playing festivals in Canada for years to come. It’s almost a bit of a hipster mentality… you’re gonna know the artists before they’re “cool”

    And if you wanna be even more ahead of the curve you can find the lineup to NXNE 2015 right here:

  3. It’s an easy way to discover Toronto 

    Most festivals that you go to involve big name artists in a massive field and the festival goers generally consist of sweaty teenagers who are more there for the party and less for the music. However NXNE is set in bars all across Toronto and we all know Toronto is a city full of interesting landmarks, big venues as well as small hole in the wall pubs and one of the best parts about NXNE is that in order to see your favourite bands you have to walk around Toronto to find the venue where they’re playing. This gives you an opportunity to check out all of the cool places Toronto has to offer as well as possibly meet and greet some of your favourite artists. I’ve only been to NXNE twice but both times I met the exact musician that I wanted to meet as well as many others so if you think meeting your favourite musicians is far fetched you obviously haven’t been to a festival like this.

  4. All of the paid shows are 19+ so you won’t have to feel too old for the crowd 

    As I mentioned before, the majority of the festivals around here are all ages so the crowd is generally young, immature and don’t know how to handle being away from home for a weekend. Most of the shows that NXNE offers take place in venues that serve alcohol so in order to get in you’re required to be of legal drinking age. This means that the crowd is generally well versed, there for the right reasons and you’re probably not going to see anyone being rolled out on a stretcher, not that I’m calling anyone out (VELD). Personally when I went to NXNE last summer shortly after turning 19, I found that my friends and I were usually the younger ones in the crowd and it was clear that everyone was there to see the band, rather than get black out drunk.

  5. All of the venues serve alcoholAlthough the crowd at NXNE is more mature than a lot of the other festivals we might be used to, that’s not to say that it’s a bunch of parents and squares who don’t know how to have fun. Every single venue at the festival serves alcohol and people are definitely there to party. The difference is the people at NXNE are there to party while having their favourite musicians be the soundtrack to their night. From what I experienced last summer, the drinks were fairly priced and the selection was the same as any bar (because the shows were set in bars).

So if partying with likeminded individuals, listening to and possibly meeting your favourite musicians all while discovering the great city of Toronto then NXNE is definitely for you, and with tickets going for 50 dollars right now there’s no reason not to go.


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