Tattoo or Taboo, I’m not sure. How about you?

By Julie Oyediran, College Student and aspiring Artist. 

People are calling it a phenomenon. But what would you call it? Socially accepted, rejected or not at all detected? It seems to be quite talked about. Perhaps, because celebrities are wearing them proud or maybe its just another form of artistry; it’s hard to tell, but lets see.

When you see someone with a tattoo, what do you instinctively do? Are you dissatisfied or are you considering the story behind it? It seems that in the last few years body art has become a commodity. Although, not everyone has jumped on the tattoo wagon it is being featured increasingly. “TATTOOS: perceptions & Perspectives” by Maximilliam Jacobson Gonzalez

The move is extremely insightful as it prompts discussion with different tattoo artists, actors and random people on the street. It conveys what people really think about all aspects of the tattoo world. The highlights of this video unfold into the typical tattoo topics, such as the inventiveness of the practice, the impact of fashion and celebrities, as well as the stigma that may never fade. However, collectively it is clear that people are more aware. More people are getting ink. But I am curious about what you think.

Is this a hipster craze, that’s simply a phase, or is it sticking around? Well this is what I found; aside from the typical tattoos we usually tend to see down town Toronto or anywhere else people are inspired for diverse reasons to get remarkable piece everywhere, and they aren’t afraid to show it. Just look at this cool dad that wears his son’s work proud, Keith Anderson, from Ontario has a sleeve of art from his son’s best work. They’ve had this tradition since his son was five. Now that’s a tattoo story that people like.

Another great artist that receives grace for a unique skill is Basma Hameed is healing hundreds of people with her skin drill.  A burn victim, who at 17 became an apprentice in Toronto, combined her knowledge of medical aesthetics and tattooing to improve scar tissue on her own face. As she witnessed vast improvement and gained her confidence back, she took this talent to help others who experienced similar struggles. There are others who share a similar glory, due to helping others with their unbelievable skills. Like, Little Vinnie’s tattoos, which have been attracting women from all over the world to go see him in Finksburg, MD. These women have undergone breast cancer treatment. Usually a mastectomy and they all go to receive their three dimensional reconstructive nipple tattoos. His fascinating work is described more in depth in this blog post.

 Contrary to this positive vibe, there are people that make this industry look not so sly. Everybody remembers the “Drake Girl.”


But have you heard off Illma Gore and her campaign “Tattoo Me”? If not, you should definitely go check it out, She is raising money to launch her own show by tattooinf her body from head to toe. She is taking requests and almost anything goes. So, what you think about that folks? If you would like to know more check this next link out


Do you think this is extreme, or is this the norm now? She has raised over $14,000.00, meaning our society is engaged in this. People are encouraging this behavior, but what are their reasons? I am not sure how much of this is support or for entertainment, nonetheless people are paying attention.

Consequently, having indulged in this entire tattoo buzz, do we truly understand what’s all the fuss? Are we as a society supporting this craze? Or do individual voices just seem to fade? I am curious, what do you think? Yah or Nah. Do you support tattoos as art or something that needs to be forgot?

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