Want to Be Successful? Experts Tell us How!

Now before you read this Blog I highly suggest that you watch this video. It will definitely help you understand the purpose of the information I am about to give you, or perhaps just refresh your memory.

So are you a connector? Probably! If you’re not lets make you one!

In the great documentary Rise of the Entrepreneur by Eric Worre best selling author, speaker, and business owner (Which I Highly suggest you watch), he lets us know of the shift in the landscape of gaining a career. He cover three important questions. What’s going on in our working world today, is it better to be an entrepreneur, and finally how to become an entrepreneur without taking on massive risk? He interviews and brings together some of the best experts, and thought leaders in the field to share the real facts with us. I will quickly run over these facts with you.

The way that people work and the way they get paid are changing. Now the middle class is disappearing, and the ones who go to school and get a job are getting paid less. Yet everyone is still doing it the same way!? Student loan debt is also worse then credit card debt because it’s price is much higher, you can’t get rid of it, and wages of college grads have been declining since 2005. So you need to ask yourself a simple question.

Do you want to be the person who hates Monday mornings, dreads their alarm clock, lives for the weekend, and only lives a half life; Working 50 weeks a year to get a vacation of two weeks, and not even really getting a vacation just a stay-cation?

There is a better way! People like Eric Worre give us this information to educate, and help us. Paul Pilzer stated that“ It’s not the economy you should worry about, It’s your economy that you have to worry about,” So what should you do? “Today if you’re going to be able to control your future, you need to be an entrepreneur.” (Worre)

All the top earners will tell you that if you want to be successful you need to be an entrepreneur, and decide your own economy. You may go about this in four ways. You can buy an existing business, but you’d have to wonder why someone is selling it in the first place. You can buy a franchise but it’s expensive. You can start from scratch but some people don’t have the idea, the product etc. so it can be risky. Or you can become an investor but that’s also risky because you don’t have direct control. The bottom line is they take money, time and expertise.

Now what if there was a way you had all the comfort aspects, and could still control your own life? What if their was a proven system, proven training, proven product, everything, just no employer. Would YOU be interested in that?

Through Erics journey one path kept coming up expert after expert. This model is starting a network marketing business A.K.A direct marketing, or multi-level-marketing. Donald Trump, Rob Kiyosaki, Paul Pilzer, Bob Proctor, and many other experts back network marketing. Many say if they had to do it again and start over with nothing that is how they would do it. Don’t forget these aren’t only million dollar companies their billionaire dollar companies, leading the stock market.

Now a traditional company will spend up to 50 % of their total revenue on marketing. Network marketing takes a different approach. They utilize a network of independent distributors, now why do they do this? Firstly, word of mouth advertising is better than any other kind of advertising, and some products need to be demonstrated. Someone is more likely to buy something from someone they know, who has told them it works than a hyped up ad. Also a company only pays you if it works, and you actually sell the product. Now imagine if you get someone to buy a product and you get paid for every purchase this customer makes for the rest of his or her lives.

The great thing about network marketing is the low risk, it’s low cost, and is a proven working system. Network marketing allows a distributor to build their own network of other distributors, and is then compensated by sales made by the entire group. Around the world network marketing makes $178 billion/year in retail sales; for perspective the movies industry does only about $80 billion/year. They pay out about 40% of that to the distributor that’s $71 billion/year, approx. $6 billion/month and over $200 million in commissions every single day. Some people think that only at the top make money. If 500 people make 2 million dollars a year, then that’s only 1 billion dollars a year. So where does the rest go? To part- time people making hundreds to thousands of dollars a month, or people who take it seriously making much more.

You can work when you want to work, spend your money how you want to spend it, and just generally be happy. Brian Tracy said that network marketing has made more millionaires then anything else and starting from scratch. Jack Coachfield laughed, “ there has been a lot of success stories, and as a result a lot of showing off there are about 96 million people participating world wide. With 82% of people being happy with it.”

Now the thing that makes people question the validity of this business, is the pyramid scheme. Now listen if there are 1000 MBAS working for ford and they all work hard at similar salaries, to get promoted and make it to the top that’s a pyramid, only ones going to make it. Network marketing is the inverse; you are on the bottom and your job is to develop other CEOs coming out from behind you.

It’s a simple proven method to making money. All you need to do is sell a product, make a sales team, and sell more products. It’s low risk and a proven system because word of mouth is the best marketing method. A group of like-minded individuals and I have started a project following what was stated in the documentary (and up above). We will become, as well as create the leaders of tomorrow. If anyone is interested in this project Contact me via:

Oovoo: amarmoore

E-mail: Amarj_Stud@hotmail.com

Text: (905)-299-8426


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