Blast from the past: Inter’s ride with Mourinho, and winning the UEFA Champions League.

Written by: Faisal Ahmed, a social media specialist at Humber College.

March 4th 2015


José Mourinho
José Mourinho

Inter Milan’s golden era was stirred in 2005, when manager Roberto Mancini, injected the black and blue forces the winning habit. Earning their first of many scudettos since 1989. Followed by a series of four more consecutive scudettos, along several coppa Italia and super coppa triumphs.

The biggest highlight of that golden era was when Mourinho led Inter to the UEFA Champion’s League final, which saw the black and blue beat the Bavarians in the final game 2-0, earning first spot in May 2010.

An era, acknowledged with attainment, victory and glory in world football. F.C Internazionale Milano, brought moments of great joy to their fans.

The Nerazzurri was able to finance a whole new squad, if Zlatan Ibrahimovic, were to leave the club, also president Massimo Moratti, said he would only sell Ibra if an adequate offer arrives.

The irresistible offer had finally arrived, summer 2009, from Barcelona. An offer that no one could refuse.

Zlatan to Barca
Zlatan to Barca

Payment was processed by giving Eto’o + €45 million, in exchange for the big Swede’s goal scorer services, Zalatan then moved to Barcelona in the hopes of adding the UEFA Champions League trophy to his cabinet.

This gave the Nerazzurri enough capital to act, sturdy and resiliently in the transfer market, signing proven players, and at a mild transfer fee considering how the market has been reacting, in the past decade.

Inter signed Lucio, Thiago Motta, Diego Milito, and the last but not the least, Wesley Sniejder. To have the aids from a player of his class for only €15 million from Real Madrid is quite the bargain for the black and blue forces.

Inter already had Maicon, Samuel, Zanetti, Cambiasso, and Stankovic at the club’s disposal. With such additions, Mourinho would have his own team that can play his style of football.

The results?


Mourinho saw Inter instant success, winning every single competition possible in the two years he coached at the club, one year winning the scudetto, and the most prestigious competition in Europe, UEFA Champions League during his second year, which Inter had been chasing since1966. It was a great run for them, their supporters will never forget such memorable period.

The following transfer window, Jose Mourinho was transferred to Real Madrid after, the Spaniards had activated a clause on his contract, which would allow the Portoguese tactician to transfer if a 16M fee is granted to Inter.

The Milanese giant started to show symptoms of financial struggles, being unable to managtheir finances, failing to add players to the roster, nor was able to retain certain key players.

Inter had one of the highest payroll on players, and had to cut it down, sold players with high wages while others agreed to reduce theirs, hence were kept.

What is the reason for such a drop in Inter’s form? Is it coaches, players, or upper management? Inter finished 2nd 6th, 7th, 9th, 5th starting 2011 onward, and now sit 9th in the standings with 13 more games to go.

The departure of all the new comers became inevitable which timeproved. Sniejder, Eto’o, Thiago Motta, and Balotelli all were sold.

Not only did Inter sell those who they could, their situation was even worse, as the club practiced contract termination, a few players’ such as Julio Cesar, the former Brazilian shot stopper also was on a high payroll.

And last, the mutually agreement on wage reduction for certain players, was practiced, in order to balance the books furthermore.

A painful period for the Inter family, failing to make top 4 after 2011, which was the last year the Nerazzurri participated in UEFA Champions League finals.

What has suddenly changed for Inter? How could they not keep up with such expenses? Inter’s former president, Massimo Moratti was an oil tycoon, and could cover all expenses, including high wages.

With the insertion of Financial Fair Play rule (FFP), introduced by Michelle Platini, to ground clubs with rich owners to over spend, which requires clubs to spend no more than what they earn on yearly basis. And if a club does break such a rule, might be sentenced to serious sanctions from UEFA, such as imposing financial fines, or deny the disobedient club activity in the transfer market.

Inter Milan football club. Had struggled after the introduction of FFP. Sansiro, or the Giuseppe Meazza, a historic stadium. However with empty stadiums, Sansiro generates the least amount of profit from match day sales. The symptoms of the falling giant started to appear more and more, with constricted budgets, Inter now has years of hard work in order to climb back to the top.

Inter President Massimo Moratti, sold the majority of the club’s stakes to an Indonesian business man in the summer of 2013.

Eric Thohir

Eric Thohir, who took initiative in changing internal management, and high focus on marketing, increasing revenue, and thus was able to spend, and reconstruct the team starting with Hernanes and Vidic, M’Villa, Osvaldo.

President Thohir has some ideas about building a new stadium or renovating Sansiro, after A.C Milan football club departs, as both clubs share the same ground.

Thohir had assured Inter supporters that there is a plan and is currently being studied. But at the mean time, Thohir hired former Galatasaray manager Roberto Mancini, and was able to do a bit of spending since his arrival, Shaqiri, Podolski, Brozovic, and Davide Santon. All are players, whom are currently proving to be world class and are important for the club.

Fantastic four
Fantastic four

Finally Inter supporters can see a bit of light at the end of the tunnel, with Guarin, Icardi, Juan Jesus, and off course the highly rated number 10, Mateo Kovacic.

Internazionale Milano seems to be on the right path and are bound to come back to top levels again, having a more disciplined set of players.

However if the Nerazzurri fails to qualify for UEFA Champions League, they may be forced to sell some player assets. Speculations will only clear the clouds across the air with passing time.

Inter are currently trying to insert a clause in Mauro Icardi’s new contract, that of the nature that would improve the value of the striker in the market. Having scored 14 in Serie A, ranked second after Carlos Tevez’s 15.

Therefore it is possible that if Inter receives respectable offers for any of their bright young talents, am afraid that will force the management to dispose of a player or two.

To cope with financial fair play, clubs like Inter Milan must maximize their earning, in order to be able to spend on players benefiting the team, however, is marketing alone a sufficient tool to generate enough revenue? What about T.V rights, match day tickets? Can Inter benefit more from that as well and boost their income? What should fans expect from now onwards?


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