90’s Technology is todays iPhone Accessories


Carly Lerner is a student at Humber College currently enrolled in the media studies course

Think back to the 90’s. A time when technology was much more simpler and less dependent. From old fashioned cameras, VHS, to brick phones, we remember it all, but why do many of us actually want to relive that decade? It seems ages ago, almost pre-historic that this is the kind of technology that we used in our everyday lives. We all want to hold on to those memories but do we really want to go back to the 90’s?

It seems to me that vintage 90’s technology is todays new trend. Not only is it cool to look back and see how much technology has improved since then, but it can also be seen as something funny to look back on as well. Even though we have no use for it now, its something cool to incorporate in this decade. Today, I’m finding a lot of modern technology that incorporates well-known 90’s technology. Since iPhones are popular in this decade, I think its interesting to see how 90’s technology is becoming a new addition to one of iPhones accessories. So ask yourself, do people really want to pause time or just laugh about it for their own amusement.

       Some might see that decade and think to ourselves “what were we thinking at that time”?       Were people back in the 90’s satisfied with the technology? It seems that this new trend has us having a greater appreciation to the technology that we have today. Although, its kind of funny looking back to when mp3s, flip phones, digital cameras etc. were all the rage. Today, famous 90’s inventions are coming back as accessories for todays phones. Whether it’s speakers, phone cases or mixed inventions that include modern day technology, its all been done.

518513948_c_embedStandardPolaroid Camera for iPhone

This unique invention is combined with an old fashioned Polaroid camera that prints instant photos from your phone. The back of the camera now has an opening that can hold an iPhone and can print out pictures instantly instead having to upload it onto your computer.

                                                                                            Flip Phone iPhone Case 

This well known invention that has also made its way through the early 2000’s is none other than the flip phone. The flip phone was a simple phone that was only used to make calls during the 90’s. Today it displays as a phone case for iPhones instead of making calls. This fun and creative accessory now has an opening for your phone. This way, it can be like you never left the 90’s but still have the modern technology.


iRecorder Retro Speaker for iPhoneBefore there were iPods, Mp3 players, and CD players. People back then listened to music by putting in a cassette tape. They also had to press buttons which was located at the front of the device if they wanted to either pause, rewind or fast forward. This old school device now combines with the iPhone acting as the cassette tape. The cassette player however now acts as just a portable speaker plays music from your phone. You could say its just another accessory to the 90’s trend collection.

It’s weird wondering what the next trend will be in 20 years. Who knows, maybe people will continue the timeline and start trending about the 2000’s. It seems that anything vintage is considered cool no matter what decade we are in. Personally, it is also good to just take a step back from whats next and acknowledge the inventions that were created in the 90’s. Still, do you think it’s good to stay in the past just because its the new trend?

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