Why everyone who loves cars should drive manual

Why everyone who loves cars should drive manual

Alex Keeler is a car enthusiast

When looking at the history of automobiles, the automatic transmission has had a big impact on the development of cars. They have helped people become lazier and more distracted during their driving. At the end of the day, driving a stick shift vehicle, whatever it may be, will greatly improve your driving experience.

To start things off, let me briefly explain the difference between a planetary automatic transmission and a traditional five speed manual transmission. An automatic transmission operates on the principal of shifting between gears in a circular internal gear pattern. The centre gear connects to an outer one, which intern spins into a third set of gears through the action of a multi plate friction clutch. This eliminates the need to manually shift gears. Each gear transitions to the next one depending on the speed of the automobile. A manual transmission uses a foot pedal to separate the flywheel and the dry friction clutch, whenever the driver feels it appropriate. The manual transmission lets the driver depress the clutch, to disengage the the the engine from the transmission. This allows for gear changing at anytime, versus an automatic car which switches depending on a pre-set computer.

By driving a stick shift car, you greatly lower the chances of having your car stolen. Most people in this day and age refrain from driving a manual car. Based on this, it is only safe to assume the kind of person stealing a car, would have less if not no experience driving a manual car. They are going no where in your car if they don’t know how to put it in first gear.

Driving a stick shift is cheaper then driving automatic. Automatic transmissions use complex electrical systems that involve speed proportionate gear change timing and speed revolving gear ratios. In a manual car, you are the gear timing. This means that automatic transmissions are always more expensive to buy within a car and to replace.

When it comes to the racing community, driving a stick shift is the only way to go. The basic rule to going fast in a car is power in relation to weight. You cannot make much difference to weight reduction with a different transmission, however accessing the full potential of raw power in a vehicle, means having a manual transmission is mandatory. To move fast means to push your engine revolutions per minute (RPM) to the maximum your car can handle. Automatic transmissions can only achieve a fraction of the RPM acceleration capabilities that a manual one can. This is because you as the driver are in one hundred percent control of the revolutions per minute that the engine can put out. This causes explosive acceleration, and therefore reaches the top speed much faster.

Lately we have been hearing much controversy about distracted driving. People are eating, using their phones, and doing other potentially dangerous things while driving. When driving a manual, the driver’s right hand is always manipulating different gear changes. This prevents distractions and allows a driver to use their full concentration on driving the vehicle, without loss of focus.

You see at the end of the day, cars and having a passion for them, is a lifestyle. some people in this world only see them as a method of transportation in regards to getting them from A to B. Others love how they are made, drive and work. If you want to get the best experience of driving possible, you only have the option of driving a manual car.

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